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Instagram Introduces New Feature That Makes It Easier For You to Mass Unfollow User on App

The owner of Instagram is trying out a new feature
that will make it easier to unfollow people.

This setting will make it easy for Android and iOS users to view the
people he/she doesn’t interact with on the app and probably unfollow them on his/her
following list.

The update will make it easier to unfollow people, message contacts, choose and add selected people to the close friend list. For business profiles, it will make
it easier for user to see contacts information as well.

This update was created by an app researcher, Jane Manchun

The feature sorts followers into a variety of
different groups, including those you interact more or less with and also followers
you see the most inside your feed.

 In a statement made by her, Instagram is just running
a test on the feature as it’s not a full guarantee for Instagram users to
officially start using.

It is just one of those updates that Instagram has
made to focus more on improving the quality of posts you see as you scroll and to
reduce the number of less positive interactions.

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