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How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone SE (2020)

to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone SE (2020)

From day one Apple’s
smartphones have been the best when it comes to security and other features
that makes it incredibly awesome for users who want and can afford the best. The
iPhone SE (2020) is one of devices out there that shares the awesome feature
which makes the iPhone (SE (2020)) unusable to whoever found it until the
rightful owner unlocks the device which most times have to do with him/her
signing into the earlier setup iCloud Activation (email and or password)
account of that device.

iPhone devices are super
secured from theft or just unusable when it gets lost due to this find my iPhone’s activationBut
the truth is most times lost or stolen isn’t the case. Rather, it is passed on
to a friend, family or sold out as fairly used without the initial user
unlocking and removing their setup iCloud Activation Lock account (even after a
factory or hard reset)

I will show you a few steps
to follow on how to remove or bypass iCloud Activation Account Lock on your iPhone
SE (2020) but first, let me explain what iCloud Activation Lock means and how
it works.

What is iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone
SE (2020) an iOS device?

Activation Lock or Find My
iPhone help you find your iPhone SE (2020) is setup when lost or stolen and
makes it unusable by anyone else other than you. It is set up with your signed-in
iCloud Account.

How do I Setup iCloud Activation Lock?

Step 1:           Go to settings and scroll down to iCloud
on your
iPhone SE (2020).

Step 2:           Check to see if you have an iCloud Account
signed-in. If not so, you will have to create one and sign-in.

Step 3:           Under that same iCloud section on your phones settings scroll down
to Find My iPhone.

Step 4:            Turn that option

Step 5:            That’s all. Your
iPhone SE (2020) will now the secured will an Activation Lock.

How to remove or bypass Activation Lock
on iPhone SE (2020)?

There are basically two
methods to bypass a iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone SE (2020). Like I
mentioned earlier: most times iOS phones like iPhone SE (2020) are passed on to
a friend or family which means if you tell them about method one (1) you won’t
have to apply the final option – method two (2) that bypasses Activation lock.

Method #1 – How to Bypass or Skip Activation
Lock on your iPhone SE (2020):

Step 1:           The user should slide down or locate and press the settings on the icon on their iPhone SE
(2020) home screen.

Step 2:           Next, scroll down iCloud

Step 3:           Scroll down again to Find
My iPhone

Step 4:           Now, tap the option to turn it off.

Step 6:           That’s all. You have successfully deactivated that Activation

Method #2 – How to Bypass Activation
Lock Screen on Your iPhone SE (2020)

·        Click here to read the full steps of this method to successfully
bypass the FRP on your iPhone SE (2020)

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Personal Data Tips for iPhone SE (2020):

·         Setup an auto or carry out a manual backup regularly of your iPhone SE
following our guide here
with data or Wi-Fi connection.

·         You can also backup your iPhone SE (2020) offline – without internet connection following the steps provided here.


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