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How to Apply for Loan form GTBank

We previously
wrote an article on the easiest way to get loans from any bank that gives out
loan, but the little mistake we did was, we didn’t give more details on how the
loan process goes.

This is specifically
for GTBank customers who are interested in getting a loan from GTBank. Getting a loan is not easy as many think it is, but the Banks these days tries to make
the whole loan process easy and stress-free for their customers, but with doing
this, some people still don’t want to pay back the loan, so many Banks have
been avoiding this.


How to
be Eligible (For Personal Banking Account)

To be
eligible, you first need to open a GTbank account, that’s the first step, but
if you already have a GTBank account then you are already eligible or let me
say you just passed the first step of the eligibility process.


So what’s
the next step?

The next
step is to confirm your eligibility, and how do you do that? You do that by dialling
*737*51*51#. After confirming that
you are eligible for getting loans from GTBank, so what’s in it for you!


So what’s
in it for you

After knowing
that you are eligible for getting loans from GTBank, you get up to N500,000 to
5 Million naira loan, that’s if you are eligible for getting the loan.


So when
are you to pay back and what’s the Interest Rate

After getting
the amount you want from GTBank, you will get a Convenient repayment plan
spread of over 6 – 12 months depending on the amount you are getting, and the
interest rate for this is at 1.33% per month, which is okay if I may say, but
when you do the math that’s 15.96% interest rate for 12 months if you take that
long, and 7.98% interest rate for 6 months if you take that long. So just
decide on what loan plan you want to take.


These are some FAQ’s that are been asked when applying for the loan

1. What’s
the loan minimum amount? The minimum loan amount is N10,000

2. What’s
the loan maximum amount? The maximum amount is 5 Million for salary earners and
N500,000 for non-salary earners.

3. What’s
Quick Credit? This is a time loan accessible to salary and non-salary account

4. What the interest rate will I be paying if I use Quick Credit? You will be paying 1.33%
per month

5. How
can I access the Quick Credit loan? You can access it through USSD, Internet
Banking, and Mobile Banking

6. is
there a minimum age requirement? Yes there is, it is from 18 years and should
not be older than 59 years


If you
have any questions you want to ask, please drop it in the comment box and we
will make sure get to you and give you the relevant answers you need to your
questions or you can also send us a mail and we will get to you from Thank you for
reading and also don’t forget to drop your feedback.


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