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Nigerians shows their concern for Schools to re-open as they trend #BackToSchool

Have you ever wondered how it will feel once again to resume school? Due to the pandemic, some parents who usually escape their children’s disturbance one way or the other through school are really stressed and concerned to know when the Educational system will return back to normal.

So many students are tired of staying at home because of house chores, not having much freedom to go out and all that. Will schools ever resume this year? I would equally ask that.

I have on one or two occasions talked to some groups of students to know their take on going back to school. Although, I got some valid responses. But, according to some of them, they’ll rather stay in the school environs than stay at home this long.

However, many Nigerians took to the micro-blogging platform to trend #BacktoSchool as they air their different opinions. Let’s take a look at some of the posts

It’s actually funny but true. Everyone hopes for things to return to normal at least, to save their mental wellbeing. 

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