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How to Bypass Google Account Verification (FRP) on OnePlus 7 Pro 5G without PC

 Step 1: Turn on the phone and you will see the welcome screen


Step 2: Now you will see a Let’s Go button, click on it.


Step 3: Now press next until you get to where you have to connect to a wireless network (WIFI).


Step 4: Now connect to a wireless network it will start loading, and after loading you will be taken to the Google verify your account screen.


Step 5: Now press back until you are taken to the welcome screen, now you will see Vision settings, press on it.


Step 6: Now you will see Talkback, press on it and you will have to turn it on.


Step 7: After turning it on you will be taken to another screen, now you will need to do an L gesture on the screen and you will see some options.


Step 8: Inside all the options you will see “Talkback settings” select it. If you find it hard to select and option, tap on it once and double tap on it to open it.


Step 9: Now you will be taken to another screen, and now you need to scroll down, but to scroll down you need to use your two fingers.


Step 10: Now you will see “Explore by Touch” you did to disable it. And after you disable it, you will be able to use the phone as normal.


Step 11: Now scroll down and you will see “Help & Feedback” press on it and you will be taken to another screen.


Step 12: Now you will see some options, select the first one and you will see a YouTube video in it.


Step 13: Now press on the video to play it and now you will see an icon at the top right corner of the video next to the share icon press on it.


Step 14: Now you will be taken to the Google Chrome Browser, now press Accept and continue, and if you are asked to sign-in, choose No Thanks.


Step 15: Now you need to enter this URL “” and you need to download these tow apps “TecnoCare and Apex Launcher”.


Step 16: After you download them you need to install Apex Launcher first and after the installation, click open.



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