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Using Paybill ? Guidelines and Advantages of Using a Paybill

Paying your bills on time is a relevant aspect of taking charge of your finance, with pay bill you can make an instant digital and utility payment, it secures quick payment steps

PayBill is a promoting SMS based payment that gives you access to use your mobile device as your debit or credit card, it serves as a quick teller. your mobile is securely linked to your existing bank account and that’s where all payment is being debited. with PayBill its just an easy click to secure all your payments. Paybill is a fast and simple revolution that offers customers the option of online payment anytime, anywhere. Paybill is convenient, its a service that allows you to set up electronic payments for online. Paying your bill online is secured and can save time and money, pay online or by phone, you can pay your bill directly and it’s quick and easy. With Paybill you can receive and pay bills, receive donations, organizes bills and keep tracks of the due date, reduces the risk of fraud with dual capabilities and you’re protected in the unlikely event of unauthorized transactions or processing delays, schedule payment up to one year in advances and remote payment such as utility bills, loan repayment, and easy access to see where the money is going to, in order to make sure fund is available.

Paybill works on all mobile phone, its an SMS base service and its does not require any special tariif package which makes it more covenient and effective and requires no registration or annual charges, just SMS cost thats all, and all you need is a mobile phone and a exisitng bank account..


The platform provides awesome CIS (Customer Information Service)

Prompt to Customers Support and fast response

24/7 Support

Its flexibile

Since it’s an SMS base oriented, it can be used on any mobile

You have the adaptability to use your mobile as your credit or debit card

you can make transaction securely without using bank details

make payment over the phone via an SMS with ease and timeliness

Paymnet are made instanlty with few minutes anytime or anywhere


Here’s what you need to do to set up for pay bill for quick

1.    Get your bills, account numbers inclusive and the address to where you mail the payments

2.     Enter each billers information accurately

3.    Choose when to send the payment

4.    Select a recurring or one-time payment

5.    Set reminder to keep tracks

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