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BBNaija 2020: Only Jesus can save you! Trikytee – Erica


The BBNaija 2020 lockdown edition season 5, has been on a hit from day one, following the relationship trends among housemates. 

Trikytee in a conversation with Erica tells her that only Jesus can save her at this point of her life.

Erica in a conversation with Trikytee in the salon told him that she feels disappointed in her behavior and has let everyone down , making reference to her outburst yesterday  night, Erica explained that she likes to seek companionship from people because of her up bringing and feels let down when it doesn’t happen .

She further asked Trikytee how she can stop alcohol from getting the best of her and get disappointed by people around her.

Trikytee explained that it’s only Jesus that can help her with this situation and she should depend on him for companionship.

Trikytee advise her that she should stop seeking companionship from fellow housemates that they can disappoint but only  Jesus can never let down, he further stated

“No nmone can help you expect Jesus 

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