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How to Backup Smartphone Important Data Offline and Online

Smartphones especially the newly released smartphone devices out there hardly malfunction. But like we all know, experience – most especially that of another person – is the best teacher. So, we assume that users of any smartphone or tab device will do their best to backup their data regularly to avoid loss should anything happen in the long run as they use the device.

My experience in IT Support has thought me that we all need a backup plan, be it for your smartphone, PC or life. Although, as at the time this post was written there is no and probably will not be a server to backup human life technologically. These give religious men and women (or people of faith) upper hands because they know there is a second life after death from the tremendous knowledge they’ve gained so far. But we are not talking about backup number one that has to do with life right now. Instead, I will be showing you reasons and steps on how to backup your device offline and or online.

I have seen people, some my clients Googling how to backup their phone data at the wrong time which most of the time is when their device is in a coma and requires the attention of a Geek to bring it back to its factory state when it was purchased.

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I have also seen people updating their status asking their friends and family to send them a new message that they lost their contact in a damaged phone or their phone was stolen.

It is better to regularly backup your device as soon as possible than to be sorry later on. Even big companies do not joke when it comes to data backup that’s a reason why you might have heard them talking about cloud computing. With cloud storage, the data is not just stored in one system because if that system goes down users might not be able to access that which is stored in it and might probably lose them. So, the data are being stored in a cluster of systems which means when one system goes down, the other system still have that same data in them.

Applying the same process for your device which you use to carry out several tasks and communicate with your clients, friends and families will definitely save you a lot of trouble should by any means it starts to malfunction.

Here is How to Backup Smartphone Personal Data with Gmail or Online

  • A Gmail account is required, so sign up if you don’t already have one and connect Wi-Fi with internet access to start the process.
  • Press your “menu” button and scroll to “settings”
  • Navigate to settings till you find “Backup & reset” option then press it.
  • Turn on “Back up my data” with “Automatic restore” option.
  • Next, press “Set backup account” to select your logged in Gmail account or add one.
  • Select the entire menu you want to be backup and press “Sync now” from the top right side.
  • That’s all.

How to Backup Android Contacts and Media Files Without Wi-Fi or Offline

The preinstalled backup and restore option that comes with your (Android) smartphone usually requires Wi-Fi connection with internet access to sync data.

However, you need to know that for the syncing process to be successful you need to have sufficient data subscription and good network connection. But doing your backup offline using SD card and system for media files doesn’t require internet.

Here is how it works:

  1. How to Back Up Contacts on Storage (Import/Export)

·         Go to your applications section and scroll to find contact app.

·         It is usually preinstalled, go ahead and launch the app.

·         Press the “menu” followed by the “Import/Export”

·         Follow the subsequent steps to either export to your SD card or import stored contact backup from it.

  1. How to Backup and Restore Media Files on PC

·         Using a good USB cable connect your phone to PC

·         Slide down your notification from the top the change connection option from charge only or other options to “MTP”.

·         From your system explorer open your phone media files (usually in one of the folders) and copy them to your PC in a new directory.

·         To restore them back again connect your phone to the PC where the files are backed up.

·         Copy and transfer the files to the folder they were copied from your phone to PC before.

·         When the transfer is complete eject the phone and that’s all.

3.      How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp or PC.

·         Connect your device to PC with a USB cable.

·         From your phone notification tap the option to change connection type from charging only or other options to “MTP”.

·         Now, go to your system explorer and copy the WhatsApp folder from your phone’s directory and put it in a new directory on your PC.

·         To restore them back again connect your phone to the PC where the files are backed up.

·         Copy and transfer the files to any phone where you want your WhatsApp backup to restore.

·         When the transfer is complete eject the phone and that’s all.

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