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Steps on How to Apply for NLNG IT (or SIWES) in 2021 (Registration & Requirements)

In Nigeria, the Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) is a body that oversees and ensure that students in tertiary institution participate in an on the job training so as to get the first feel of their choosing profession, gain more experience and acquire the middle manpower skills needed to run an organization.

For universities, it falls during the third year when the student is in his/her 300 level like we call them. While in the polytechnics a mandatory one year IT is required after a successful completion of national diploma programme with the minimum of lower credit pass before proceeding for Higher National Diploma (HND) course.

The Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) is one of the big companies in Nigeria that offers students the opportunity to get on-the-job experience through SIWES/IT.

For interest, it is better to apply early before the end of National Diploma (ND) programme or towards second semester 300 level for degree students because the so you don’t start rushing things later because lots of students will apply since the company produces 10% of gas consumed worldwide.

Here is how to apply for NLNG SIWES attachment:

Get the under listed documents ready for upload if possible scan them first.

  • IT Letter duly endorsed by the institution.
  • Last school fee payment receipt.
  • Recent passport photograph
  • Handwritten application letter.

Note: Previously you go to NLNG Career web section and Navigate the page until you find SIWES Application Portal Link to register but a lot have  changed.

Follow the below Steps to Apply:

Step 1:  Visit NLNG official website on

Step 2:  Click on “Careers”

Step 3: Click on “Current Vacancies”

Step 4: Click on “Register with Us” on Related Links to register. Use your correct and accessible email address to signup.

Step 5: Next after confirming your first step of registration from your mail then Click on “Login to Job Portal” on Related Links

Step 6: Now, under “Employment Opportunities”

  • click on “Job Search”

  • on the search, input the right search for IT/SIWES to see if there is any open position for you by click on the “start” search button at the button of the page.

If there isn’t an open IT/SIWES position as at the time of your search. Then just know they have not started accepting at the moment. So proceed to the “Candidate Profile” tab and continue with the next step.

Step 7: Under the “Candidate Profile” file in the required details correctly as requested on the page in the order below:

  • Personal Data
  • Education/Training
  • Work Experience
  • Qualifications
  • Preferences
  • Attachments (Your copies of relevant certificates, SIWES and cover letter should be uploaded too)
  • Overview and Release

Step 8: Check from time to time using the search in step 6 to know when they have started accepting IT/SIWES.

Step 9: That’s all. Goodluck!!!


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