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A Guide on How To Bookmark Tweets on Twitter

Twitter offers a feature called Bookmarks that allows users to save Tweets for later. Bookmarking your tweets allows you to refer back to your favorite comments, tweets, and media no matter the platform you sign in to Twitter.

Considering how many celebrities and politicians have been called out for liking #NSFW tweets – Not safe for work is Internet slang or shorthand used to mark links to content, videos or website pages the viewer may not wish to be seen looking at in a public, formal or controlled environment; the ability to privately Bookmark tweets seems like a feature more people should be using.

In this post, we’ll be guiding you on how to bookmark a tweet for later using a computer, phone, or tablet.

Unlike other features like the Likes or Retweets, your list of bookmarked tweets isn’t visible to anyone as they are tied to your Twitter account allowing you to save whatever you like without being afraid of public opinion.

How to Use Twitter Bookmarks

  1. Open Twitter
  2. Go to the Tweet you wish to bookmark. It can be your own tweet or someone else’s
  3. Click or tap on the share icon in the bottom right corner of the tweet. This will open a menu.
  4. From this menu, select “Bookmark” to bookmark the tweet or Click Add Tweets to Bookmarks. This adds the tweet to your bookmarked tweet list and your bookmarked tweets will be available in both the mobile and web versions of Twitter. The privacy of the user is also maintained as the person who shared the tweet will not be notified of the bookmark.
  5. To view Bookmarked tweet, Click the Bookmarks tab. It’s on the menu that runs along the left side of the screen. If you’re using a phone or tablet, you may have to tap your profile image at the top-left corner of the news feed first.
  6. To remove Bookmarked Tweet, click the tweet to open it, select the sharing icon, and then click Remove Tweet from Bookmarks.

NOTE: Once a user deletes the tweet, it is removed from his/her account, the timeline of any accounts that follow him, and from Twitter search results on Twitter likewise, the user’s tweet disappears from any bookmarks.

The Twitter Bookmark feature is great as you can always build a nice little collection of comforting tweets to soothe you whenever your Twitter timeline gets flooded with the soul-destroying news.

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