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Oppo K9x Issues and Fixing Steps [Solved]

The specifications and features of Oppo K9x says a lot about how incredibly awesome the device will always be in the hands of people who desire to live a smarter life in this digital age where everything is going mobile. The K9x is one of the leading smartphone devices out there that makes it possible for users to be able to do this or that at anywhere or anytime which is exactly what the word mobile stands for. But from THEUPSPOT we see the Oppo K9x like other devices out there that isn’t 100% exempted from having issues as time goes on because its mere hardware (body) is well designed with coded instructions to make it usable (spirit and soul).

 Note: After trying the Oppo K9x quick fixing steps for any of the mentioned issues below you might want to consider doing a hard or soft reset or our guide on how to flash Oppo K9x back to its factory state when you purchased it.

Below Are Some Issues and Fixing You Can Apply to Your Oppo K9x Device:

  1. Camera failure – can’t connect to camera fixing on K9x
  2. Unfortunately, YouTube has stopped working on Oppo K9x
  3. Wi-Fi connection issue and fixing on K9x
  4. Bluetooth connection issue on K9x
  5. SIM Issue on Oppo K9x
  6. Performance Issues on Oppo K9x
  7. SD Card not detected on Oppo K9x
  8. Battery drains fast and charges slowing on Oppo K9x
  9. Overheating Issue on Oppo K9x
  10. Touchscreen not responding on Oppo K9x
  11. Earpiece Sounds Robotic on K9x

#1 – Camera failure – can’t connect to camera

A camera is one of the major thing users check for in Oppo smartphones or other related devices when they want to buy a new or even a used phone. Recently, we’ve seen a tremendous upgrade in the cameras of newly released Oppo (K9x) phones and devices from other manufacturers which simply means the camera is one of the most valuable assets of Oppo K9x and other devices.

However, as an experienced smartphone technician who has fixed several Oppo devices ranging from software to hardware issues. I have come across several cases of camera malfunction both in Oppo (K9x) and other leading brand’s devices which is why I have written this post on how to troubleshoot and fix this issue in six different ways.

So, if you are having issues with your new or old Oppo K9x smartphone camera? You’re unable to snap pictures, the app shows failure or error notice? Here are six possible ways to that might fix the camera issue of Oppo K9x device. But please do not disassemble your K9x phone if it is still under the warranty period else you won’t be eligible to request a replacement or free fixing that the warranty covers.

Step 1: Unmount the SD Card inserted in your K9x or Replace it with a new one.

Step 2: Check the Camera module of your K9x and make sure it is not loose. Tighten up loose screws if possible.

Step 3: Tap the Oppo K9x camera up to two to three times.

Step 4: Perform a factory reset to see if it will fix your Oppo K9x device.

Step 5: Change the K9x Camera Module. You can place an order for one from any of the leading online stores like Amazon or eBay.

Step 6: Still can’t fix the K9x camera failure with the previous tips. Then, send your Oppo K9x back to the supplier for repair if it is still under warranty. Else, look for a smartphone technician.

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