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10 of the most Popular Web Sites Banned in Some Countries

In some countries, they accept all kind of websites not knowing what the web site is even about. Today we will talk about 10 of the most popular websites you know about that are banned in some countries and we will mostly see some of the reasons why.

Some countries like Nigeria and some other countries mainly welcome any websites, we are not in any saying bad of any country but in a way we just need to understand that not all websites should be accepted in a country.

Let’s say you wake up in the morning and you go straight to your computer to check out the latest news on your favorite news site and after that you go to Facebook to check on your wall like and comment on some pictures and you go to Twitter to check on some new tweets and laugh a bit, now you go to YouTube you watch some funny videos to start up your day, after doing all that you pick up your phone go straight to your WhatsApp to reply some text and use some other apps on your device. Well, you are enjoying all this but in some countries, some people are not able to enjoy all this you are enjoying. Today we will list them down for you to see.

10. Wikipedia: Turkey

We all know about Wikipedia. Wikipedia is one of the platforms where students and also adults get most of the information around the world wide web. It’s a platform that does a little similar thing as Google although Wikipedia gives you history and more information about things you want to know. But shockingly in Turkey Wikipedia is banned and blocked in this country, which means the people in Turkey don’t know about Wikipedia, okay let me say most people don’t know about Wikipedia in Turkey. This big platform was banned from the country because Wikipedia refuses to bring down two articles implicating Turkey in supporting terrorist groups in the Syrian Civil War, as a result of this Turkey denies all calms on Wikipedia and said Wikipedia was among the anti-Turkish campaign.

9. Russia

Many people know about this web site. The Jehovah Witnesses, who are a group of a religious group or let’s say a Church. They are well known to peach the Gospel to the public. But many people find the religious people very annoying. I don’t if they don’t like to listen to the word of God. I’m not against them or anything. Well, the web site is banned and blocked from Russia. This web site was not banned or blocked because if it’s a web site or anything like that. It was banned and followed with the church too. This was at a result of the move the Russia Government made against the church.

8. Skype, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, And FaceTime:: UAE, Qatar, And Saudi Arabia

Well, I’m not a bit shocked about this. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services have been ban from the Middle Eastern Countries. These countries are mostly really too religious. I don’t think a have much to say about these countries and why this app and their websites were banned. Actually in UAE (United Arab Emirate are not against any VoIP, but the tele-companies in this country do not support them.

7. Vimeo: Indonesia

Vimeo is a very popular site not in most countries actually. But when the Indonesia Government discovered that the web site contained images of naked and not well dress ladies in Vimeo the Government had no choice than to ban the web site from the country. Although Vimeo has a lot of Educational videos and Educational contents the Indonesia Governments are not interested in that. Following the law passed in 2008 against any websites that contain or have any spot of pornographic contents in the web site no matter what or how good the web site may be. Indonesia has ban over 119 websites because of this law.

6. Telegram And Instagram:: Iran

Many people know that Iran is one country that is really serious with a lot of things. There are many protests in Iran mainly the Anti-Government protest. Telegram mostly have been used to promote the protest and followed by Instagram. The ban of Telegram in Iran was passed between 30 December 2017 and January 18, 2018. The Government could not take the channels from the apps so they slowed down the Internet so messages will be delivered slower than usual.

5. Russia

Russia takes things too seriously. In the past years, Russia has banned a lot of websites from their country this include which is famous for it’s Wayback Machine. The Russia Government found several videos on many websites that went against the Russia Government and they saw it offensive. As a result of this, the Russia Government contacted the admins of all these platforms with such videos in it to take the videos down. Many of the admins did not do as the Russia Government requested as a result of this, those websites were ban and was among the 74,000 websites banned by Russia.

4. Almost Every Website: China

China is the second country with the biggest Economy now in the world, where the United State is still at the top. China is one country that finds anything offensive. Almost all the popular websites and Social Media platforms have been banned from China, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even search engines such as Google which is one best search engines in the world is not permitted to be accessed in China. Wikipedia is also banned from China. Let’s just say China is a place where if you leave your country to visit you won’t be allowed to access these apps and websites. So stay in your country.

3. Telegram, Amazon Cloud, And Google Cloud: Russia

Russia comes into the list again. Many of you may say why not say Russia ban almost all the websites in the world. Well, Russia did not so we can’t say what we are not sure of. But Russia had a good reason for blocking these websites from the country. The Russia Government found out that these platforms were been used to plan attacks and protest against the Russia Government. This made the Country to take some decision to protect the country and the citizens it carries.

2. Reddit: Russia

And again we have Russia at number 2 on our list. Most of you might be asking why listing Russia in different numbers. But there are reasons for each ban for each website, we list them and give you few reasons why it was ban by the country and Russia is been seen in 3 places. This site published an article that teaches people how to grow psychedelic mushrooms that could cause LSD symptoms in humans. These Mushrooms are illegal in many countries. I think this is enough reason why this websites was ban and blocked.

1. YouTube: China, Iran, Sudan, South Sudan, Turkey, Syria, And Pakistan

YouTube is one of Google’s biggest source of earning after been acquired from the founders. On YouTube, we will agree that there are a lot of videos and not too eye-pleasing videos too on YouTube. Half of the internet users in the world wide web use YouTube to watch videos and also upload videos. YouTube has helped a lot of people to earn comfortable cash. Now let see why YouTube was ban in this Countries. YouTube was banned from most on the Muslim Countries apart from China and Turkey the blocking of YouTube was mainly because of the controversial 2012 short film “The Innocence Muslims”.


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