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Top 10 of The Most Peaceful Countries in The World

In the world today many people don’t know there are still countries out there that are peaceful and the citizens there live peacefully. Many of you may be asking what kind of peace are we talking about here. Well, by the definition of the word peace it means “absence of violence. There are a lot of countries out there that is as peaceful as ever.

According to global peace index since 2006 which we’ve checked and done research to know the top 10 countries that are the most peaceful country to live in. Is not that other countries are not peaceful but there is still a bit of violence and a lot of things still going on in those countries. We did our research before give you what is on our list today.

10. Belgium

Looking at the peace index Belgium is one of the best places to live in Europe and also in the world. Belgium holds a lot of beautiful place and town in it. According to the peace index, Belgium has not had any sign of violence in a long time and it has been peaceful ever since. The capital of Belgium, Brussels, is the home to the European Union and NATO.

9. Sweden

According to the peace index Sweden is marked as one of the peaceful place in the world with a robbery level of over 9,000 a year compare to the United State which is 350,000 a year. Sweden is located in the far north of Europe, Sweden is one of the most beautiful Scandinavian countries on earth.

8. Canada

Today almost everybody wants to spend some time in Canada and many students over the world also want to school in Canada, If you’ve ever been to Toronto or round about Niagara Falls, you can see why Canada is so awesome. Canada is marked as one of the most peaceful places on earth to visit. Many people may want to say there is nothing in Canada that is why it’s peaceful.

7. Finland

Finland is on the No. 7 on the global peace index. So many people do not know about Finland. Many people that know about Finland will tell you more about this peaceful place. Who will not love this beautiful country that brought us the Angry Birds. Yeah, that is where the Angry Birds are from. Finland is considered one of the peaceful place to live in.

6. Japan

Okay, Japan is on the list, even on the global peace index list. Many of you will say you don’t find Japan as a peaceful place, well I’m sorry Japan is one of them. Japan is considered as one of the most fascinating and most cultural and traditional people in the world. Although Japan is in Asia, it is considered as the most happiest place in Asia and the safest place to be in Asia.

5. Switzerland

Switzerland is located in the heart of the European Union and is also a fascinating place to live in. The country is really known for being peaceful and also for its neutral behavior in regional, international and political activity around the world. Because of this, the country has strong diplomatic relations with some many countries.

 4. Austria

Austria, according to the global peace index is far more peaceful and has a very low-level robbery rank. It is considered to be the most peaceful place to live in. Many people can testify to this, so many people go to Austria for holidays with families and also with friends.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its hospitality,  and with a  lower robbery level and a little population of their prisons and with limited military capability. The country has a strong relationship with Austria. Since the year 2007, New Zealand has been constantly ranted as the best and most peaceful place and country to live in.

2. Denmark

This Nation is one of the most peaceful and safe places to do business. Just like New Zealand and other countries in North Europe. Denmark is considered one of the best for business. This making many investors go to Denmark for business and they also good their recommendation about the country.

1. Iceland

Now we come down to the country that top the list of the most peaceful countries in the word. Iceland is the most peaceful and safe place to bring your family or business to. Iceland is so cold and also small with not too much population. The country although it is small it has so many things to do in it so many places to go and very nice people in the country. 


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