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Steps to Fix Instagram On iOS 16 If It Keeps Crashing

In 2010, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched the social media platform Instagram, which
Meta (Facebook Inc.) eventually purchased and is now known as Meta Platforms. Reels, which were first added to Instagram in 2019, have quickly risen to the top of the app’s popularity charts. Reels is watched regularly by nine out of ten people. A ton of other features are available, including Live sessions, IGTV, and more.

But even though the program is still cool, occasionally it experiences issues that render it unaccessible with ease. Recently, some users complained that the Instagram app on iOS 16 began to malfunction after the recent bug fix update. Although there isn’t a perfect explanation for why this error happens, you don’t need to worry because there are solutions available.

To fix the Instagram app crashing issue on iOS 16, simply read this article through to the end and follow the troubleshooting steps listed below.

Solution To Fix Instagram When It Keeps Crashing on iOS 16

This kind of Instagram app issue is unusual, but we cannot overlook it in this case. Although the cause of Instagram’s frequent crashes on iOS 16 is currently unknown, we are confident that the patches listed below will be of great assistance to you. Hence, let’s begin the fixing steps:

Solution 1: Reboot Your Phone

Simply restarting your mobile device can fix a lot of momentary bugs and cache data problems. Even though it can seem absurd to some individuals, using this option doesn’t require any effort or money.

This means you only give it a single try to see if the issue is fixed. If it doesn’t, don’t be panicked. You can restart your mobile device by doing the following:

  • Hold the Power + Volume Down buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until the Slide to power off screen appears to turn your iPhone off.
  • By moving the bar to the left and right, you may now turn it off.
  • By holding down the Power button for a long period of time and waiting a few seconds, you can restart your iPhone.

Solution 2: Update Your Instagram App to The Latest Version

You should check to see whether your mobile device’s Instagram app needs to be updated. If you continue to use your outdated version, it can become an issue soon enough.

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone.
  • To find Instagram, click the search icon, type its name, then press Enter.
  • From the search results on Instagram, choose UPDATE.
  • Tap OPEN to use the update after it has been installed.

Solution 3: Run a Quick Check on IG Server Status

Instagram servers are expected to experience a significant outage or downtime issue for a considerable amount of time. If you feel the same way, you can get current information from the Down Detector Instagram Status page.

We can see that there is a significant outage issue at the moment this post is being written, and the majority of users are having trouble logging in, loading news feeds, and crashing.

Solution 4: Go Clear Cache Data of Your IG

Instagram’s cache data can be cleared to fix a variety of problems, including crashes, lags, not loading, login issues, news feed loading issues, etc. For this reason, it’s usually a good idea to entirely remove the cached data for your program. This is how:

  • iPhone users, on the other hand, can’t truly erase the app cache under usual conditions. You must delete and then reinstall Instagram in order to clear the cache data.
  • Select General under Settings.
  • On the iPhone Storage page, click Instagram at the bottom.
  • Select Delete App on the page.
  • Next, restart your iPhone as usual.
  • then look for Instagram on the Apple App Store.
  • Simply tap on GET to restore it.
  • You are prepared to move forward after signing in. So check to see if the Instagram crashes on iOS 16 issue is fixed now.

Solution 5: Carry out a Mobile Software Update

An outdated software version on your mobile device may potentially be the root of a number of problems, including app crashes. If you were a victim, make sure the mobile software on your phone is updated.

  • Go to Settings > General by clicking.
  • Selecting Software Update will automatically look for the available updates and show them to you.
  • When choosing, make sure you choose Download and Install.
  • You must also enter the unlock code if your iPhone needs one.
  • To start the update, you simply need to enter the screen unlock code.
  • Your iPhone will automatically install the update and restart once it has finished downloading.

Solution 6: Try Closing any other Running Applications

Mobile apps like IG frequently malfunction these days for a number of reasons. To avoid a system crash, shut some background apps manually if your storage space runs out or your performance generally begins to lag. 

Sliding up from the bottom of the screen while holding it will enable you to access the Recents portion of your device. Swiping up any app that is currently running in the background will manually free up a lot of RAM. You can just restart your device to force all open apps to terminate automatically.

Solution 7: Time to Opt-out Instagram Beta Program

By signing up for the Instagram Beta Program, you can occasionally gain early access to new features and updates. The beta update or early access build could appear cool and helpful, but it could also bring your program a number of bugs or stability problems, which could lead to a crash. You need to leave the beta program right away in order to fix the problem.

  • If you’ve signed up for Instagram’s beta testing program and are using iOS, you must launch the TestFlight app on your iPhone.
  • You must first finish the enrollment process in order to leave the Instagram beta program.

Don’t be worried; if you don’t have the TestFlight app, you won’t be able to participate in the beta program.

So there you have it: a solution to the iOS 16 Instagram app crash problem. This tutorial is meant to be helpful, we hope. Comment below with any additional information you may have.

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