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For the first time ever, Microsoft adds helicopters and gliders to Flight Simulator

Today, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator receives one of its most significant enhancements in a long time.
Whether a little Cessna or a large commercial jet, Flight Simulator has always been a fantastic game that delivered vivid realism to anyone wishing to try their hand at flying an aircraft. The only issue was that there are other types of aircraft in the sky than planes. Microsoft is trying to alter that right now.

Today’s release of a new update for Flight Simulator marks the introduction of non-aviation vehicles like gliders and helicopters to the game. Microsoft’s head of Flight Simulator, Jorg Neumann, claimed in an interview with Tom Warren of The Verge that adding the new aircraft to the game required a team effort.

Asobo and ten other creative teams collaborated to create this 40th Anniversary Edition, which is the ideal present for flight simulation aficionados everywhere. Even helicopter manufacturers like Guimbal were involved in the team’s efforts. According to Neumann, “we had complete access to the production team, their flight data, and their test pilots.”
When you’re attempting to create something correctly, that makes a significant impact. In addition, the business is creating a database of heliports that, according to Neumann, didn’t even exist before today.The availability of gliders is another recent addition to Flight Simulator. According to Neumann, “we’ve enlisted all of the glider clubs in the world” to create a realistic version of gliding in the game.

“We didn’t do Since the last time it rained, we really know how much moisture is in the ground. Next, we know the angle at which the sun directs its rays to the ground, which determines the updraft percentage. That is how the thermals are dynamically created. Players of Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC and Xbox can download the most recent update right now and begin piloting a wide variety of brand-new aircraft, such as gliders and helicopters. this on our own.”

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