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Here’s why Apple created a new iPhone app that is exclusive to classical music

Apple finally made the long-awaited Apple Music Classical app available today. After the 2021 acquisition of Primephonic, a service dedicated solely to classical music, Apple has unveiled its own app integrating features from Primephonic and an Apple Music-like interface.

The business provided the following justification in a support document for why it created a separate iPhone app for classical music rather than simply adding it to the current Apple Music app:

Classical music is distinctive. It features hundreds of recordings of well-known compositions, names that are longer and more descriptive, and several artists for each item. According to the business, the Apple Music Classical app is made to accommodate the intricate data structure of classical music.

The service delivers more than 5 million songs and is a part of all Apple Music subscriptions other than the Voice one. The service page features excellent performances by some of the world’s most famous orchestras, as well as Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony.

Whether you search by composer, opus number, or key, the app allows you to discover the precise recording you’re looking for.

The app’s distinctive user interface makes sure you always see the most important details from each piece, such as entire movement titles and a comprehensive list of contributing artists, once you do locate what you’re searching for.

Nevertheless, according to Apple, only a brand-new app with specific features and a gorgeous UI created for the genre could take away the complexity and make classical music simply searchable, browsable, and accessible for novices and professionals alike.

A newcomer may “begin their discovery with outstanding content from Apple Music Classical editors, including The Story of Classical audio companion guide and Essentials playlists for classical subgenres, composers, instruments, and more,” according to Apple, which claims that this app is for “everyone.” With only a few keywords, classical specialists may utilize the app’s robust search to locate any desired recording.

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