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Methods on how to get and check the missile warhead in Modern Warfare 2 and Episode 2, if COD

The gamers are seeking
some kind of explanation to help them figure out the best way to complete
the game’s task. We have it with us here. The actions you must take to finish the game’s Episode 2 quest are listed below. We hope you’ve finished the mission’s opening assignment. So let’s start working on it.

step1: Reach the Missile Warhead

To go to the missile
warhead, the players must climb to the top of the silo and then unlock the entrance there. Now, exterminate the adversaries, who are many. A second ladder will take you from
the tunnel to the smaller
tunnel. As you descend, you will encounter one more leaping puzzle.

The red lid will open once the players press the red buttons simultaneously. There is another checkpoint there. The adversaries here must be eliminated. You must now interact with the items mentioned below.

Switch off the toxic gas using a four-second timer, first player.

Player 2: Turn off the fans.

Unlock the airlock leading to the route, third player.

The control panel will require the presence of two players. They will assist the runner in completing each stage of the challenge. To wait, the runner must be close to the locked door. The third player will be at the airlock entrance, while another will be at the gas venting panel.

The runner must begin sprinting as soon as the door and gas vents are opened. The runner must begin dashing through the room while being cautious to avoid the traps. Following that, the runner must speak with the player in charge of turning off the fan as you enter the second chamber.

The runner must pass when the fan is turned
off. The runner will go into a new chamber where they must avoid electricity and get to a different
room by scaling the
boxesThe runner must speak with the player near the airlock button when

they get to the door. The runner will then be in the exact same room as the second and third players after it. The
runner must provide a hand

You will reach the elevator shaft once you have assisted them. You will have to break through a door. A timer will begin when you open the door. You must contend with opponents and poisonous gas. Kill the adversaries as you descend the stairs with a wider route. After that, go through the wall and up the stairs. Moving is necessary; if you stop, the gas will kill you. The player will then arrive at the tunnel and come upon a red button. The button will need to be pressed simultaneously by every player. The raid is now over and will be over shortly.

A Conclusion

In Modern Warfare 2, Episode 2 was difficult for the players to finish. We have outlined the procedures in this guide that you must adhere to in order to finish the mission’s second job. On the website, we have also given the instructions for accomplishing the mission’s initial assignment. This concludes this manual. Please let us the comment box below If
you have any concerns about the mission’s success.

identification: Modern warfare

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