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Microsoft secures an agreement to distribute Call of Duty to Nintendo for the following ten years

The time may soon arrive for everyone who wants to play Call of Duty on their Nintendo Switch.
The announcement that Microsoft and Nintendo have inked a “binding 10-year partnership to offer Xbox games to Nintendo’s fans” was made today on Twitter by Microsoft Vice Chair and President Brad Smith.
Smith particularly mentioned that games like Call of Duty, which Microsoft is still trying to purchase as part of the Activision Blizzard transaction that is now being scrutinized by regulators, will be a part of the arrangement.
To deliver Xbox games to Nintendo consumers, we have now formally agreed to a ten-year partnership.
Our goal is to make Xbox games and Activision games like Call of Duty available to more gamers on more platforms, and this is just one aspect of that commitment.
The company’s current device, the Nintendo Switch, was not particularly mentioned in the release, which states plainly that the arrangement will bring the property to “Nintendo gamers.”
That’s hardly shocking because Nintendo will probably introduce additional Switch generations or a completely new system in the next 10 years.
According to the announcement, Nintendo would provide Call of Duty and other Microsoft titles “the same day as Xbox, with complete feature and content parity.”
Microsoft and Nintendo have now reached a legally binding 10-year deal to make Call of Duty available to Nintendo players on the same day as Xbox, with complete feature and content parity, so they can enjoy the game in the same way that Call of Duty players on Xbox and PlayStation do.
We are dedicated to providing Call of Duty long-term equitable access to other gaming platforms, giving gamers more options, and increasing competition in the gaming industry.
This statement coincides with Microsoft and Sony’s closed-door meeting with EU authorities to discuss Microsoft’s planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard.
For the Nintendo agreement to go through, that acquisition must be completed.

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