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TV Perfection: Exploring the Two Episodes with a 10/10 Rating on IMDb

The latest installment of HBO’s popular show Succession, titled “Connor’s Wedding,” left fans in shock as the show killed off Brian Cox’s character, Logan Roy, and set the stage for the future of his media empire. However, that wasn’t the only noteworthy aspect of the episode. In fact, “Connor’s Wedding” has achieved a rare distinction: it is one of only two episodes in the entire IMDB database to have a perfect 10/10 rating, as rated by users.

The episode received its series-high rating of 2.5 million viewers on the night it aired, and since then, around 17,000 IMDB user ratings have contributed to its continued success. This score even surpasses that of any individual episode of Game of Thrones, with only “The Battle of the Bastards” and “The Winds of Winter” coming close with 9.9 IMDb scores.

Aside from the tremendous success of “Connor’s Wedding,” which was the third episode of Succession’s fourth and final season, the entire season has been a hit with both critics and audiences. With a nearly-perfect 97% critics’ score on Rotten Tomatoes, the show has garnered hundreds of thousands of additions to users’ IMDb watchlists. It’s worth noting that two other Succession episodes also rank among IMDb’s “Top 50 TV episodes of all time,” though they don’t quite reach the heights of “Connor’s Wedding.”

These two episodes are:

The season 2 finale, “This Is Not For Tears,” which sits at #30.
The season 3 finale, “All the Bells Say,” ranks at #41.
The only other TV episode to share the distinction of a perfect 10/10 rating with “Connor’s Wedding” is Breaking Bad’s “Ozymandias,” which is the 14th episode of the show’s fifth season. Many consider this episode to be the best of the entire series, as it features the aftermath of Hank and Gomez’s deaths and Todd’s uncle stealing most of Walt’s money.

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