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Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes the TV Stage: Don’t Miss His Debut in Netflix’s Fubar

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s debut in the Netflix series Fubar is a significant moment for the legendary Terminator star. In this 8-episode action-comedy, Schwarzenegger portrays a retired CIA operative who embarks on one last mission, returning to the field. It’s an exciting venture for the 75-year-old actor, marking his first-ever appearance as a TV series lead. To celebrate this milestone and anticipate the release of Fubar, created by Nick Santora, Netflix has playfully bestowed upon Schwarzenegger a unique title within the company:

He now holds the position of the streamer’s CAO (Chief Action Officer).

In the above video from Netflix, the star of Fubar, Arnold Schwarzenegger, enthusiastically exclaims, “I’m back, baby!” (pronouncing “Fu-bah” for the series). Netflix had given the green light to the show in 2021, and here’s the official synopsis for Fubar, where Schwarzenegger serves as both the lead actor and an executive producer:

“When a father and daughter discover that they’ve been leading secret lives as CIA operatives for years, they realize their entire relationship has been a lie, and they truly don’t know each other at all. Forced to become partners, our series delves into universal family dynamics against a backdrop of global spies, thrilling action, and humor.”

Skydance, the studio behind the series, has a long-standing association with Schwarzenegger through films such as Terminator Genisys and Terminator: Dark Fate. In Fubar’s eight 60-minute episodes, Schwarzenegger continues to do what his fans adore him for throughout his remarkable career in Hollywood—entertain us with a blend of comedy and larger-than-life action.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Schwarzenegger shared, “David Ellison (Fubar executive producer) approached me with the idea for a TV show. I told him, ‘It has to be something where I can utilize all my skills and talents. It needs to be fun, action-packed, and heartfelt. And we shouldn’t shy away from my age—we should embrace it and play to it.’ He came up with the concept of doing something similar to True Lies.”

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