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Black Knight: Reigning as the Global Giant of Non-English Netflix Series

Step into the captivating world of Black Knight, one of Netflix’s most popular series worldwide. This mesmerizing K-drama immerses viewers in a dystopian rendition of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Within this metropolis, portrayed with striking realism by the talented writer and director Cho Ui-Seok, lies a bleak wasteland ravaged by the devastating impact of air pollution.

Black Knight unravels a gripping narrative where brave deliverymen, known as “knights,” navigate treacherous hazards to ensure the delivery of essential supplies, including oxygen, to those in need. The series seamlessly aligns with the Netflix K-drama genre, renowned for its portrayal of dark and foreboding future landscapes scarred by the consequences of climate change and unrestrained technological advancement. Such thought-provoking content has captivated audiences and continues to be a highlight among the vast selection offered by the streaming giant. (For more compelling titles in a similar vein, check out JUNG_E, another recent hit series.)

Enter the immersive world of Black Knight, where suspense, intrigue, and a vivid portrayal of a harrowing future captivate viewers at every turn.
Black Knight has achieved a remarkable feat according to the latest weekly Top 10 data from Netflix. This gripping series has secured its place as the most-watched non-English Netflix TV series at present, based on viewership statistics for the seven-day period ending on May 21. What’s more, Black Knight has garnered such substantial viewing time from Netflix subscribers worldwide that it claims the impressive third position on the list of English-language Netflix TV series, trailing only behind Queen Charlotte and XO, Kitty.

For two consecutive weeks, Black Knight has reigned as the number one non-English Netflix series, captivating audiences since its six-episode series debut on May 12. Its performance in the current week deserves special recognition, as the show’s viewership surpassed 35 million hours worldwide, a slight improvement from last week’s 31 million hours.

With cutting-edge visuals and heart-pounding action sequences, Black Knight is an absolute must-watch for enthusiasts of Netflix’s expanding collection of Korean content. If you have an affinity for dark and captivating titles such as My Name, The Silent Sea, and, of course, Squid Game, then Black Knight deserves a prominent place on your watchlist. Prepare to be enthralled by its mesmerizing storyline and immersive viewing experience.

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