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Omni AI’s Latest Update Brings On-Device Voice Recognition to ChatGPT iPhone App

The App Store has been inundated with iPhone apps utilizing ChatGPT over the past few months. Although we previously shared a compilation of our top five favorites, there are numerous other applications that we haven’t had the opportunity to showcase. Among these is the Omni AI assistant and keyboard, which recently received a substantial update introducing comprehensive speech recognition.

A developer of Omni AI took to Reddit this past Sunday to promote the app’s latest features. Version 1.5’s standout addition is Omni Speak, enabling users to engage with ChatGPT through voice commands utilizing on-device speech recognition technology. Similar to Siri, users can awaken the AI by saying, “Hey Omni,” followed by their query.

The developer emphasizes their commitment to privacy during the development of Omni Speak. They highlight the utilization of Apple’s Speech framework, which ensures that queries are only transmitted to OpenAI after a user poses a question. Additionally, Omni Speak generates a local thread of voice conversation history, with data syncing to iCloud and no storage on third-party servers.

Aside from its speech recognition capabilities, the Omni AI app boasts a unique feature—integration of the AI assistant directly into the keyboard. This enables users to summon Omni from any app, including email, messaging, social media, and word processing.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this app is that it offers not only monthly or yearly subscription options to access additional features but also the opportunity to purchase a lifetime license for utilizing your own API key from OpenAI, priced at $19.99.

If you’ve been exploring various ChatGPT apps without finding one that fully meets your requirements, it may be worth giving Omni AI a try, particularly following its recent update.

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