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OnePlus 12 to Release Long-Awaited Camera Upgrade!

The upcoming OnePlus flagship, the OnePlus 12, is generating excitement among fans as it is expected to bring a much-awaited camera upgrade. While the device will boast all the customary features of a flagship phone, the focal point is likely to be its camera capabilities, positioning it in direct competition with Samsung’s flagship offerings. Let’s delve into the details below.

According to popular tipster Digital Chat Station, OnePlus has been testing a periscope lens configuration on their phones equipped with the “SM8650” chipset lineup. This discovery strongly suggests that the upcoming OnePlus 12 will feature this periscope lens, with the serial number belonging to the Snapdragon Gen 3 processor.

Renowned tipster Max Jambor has also lent credibility to Digital Chat Station’s claims. In a recent tweet, Jambor revealed that OnePlus has been working on a periscope lens for quite some time. Although the OnePlus 10 Pro was tested with this lens, it ultimately did not make it to the market.

This development signifies OnePlus’ commitment to enhancing its zoom capabilities and signifies its intention to elevate its camera optics to new heights with the OnePlus 12, in collaboration with renowned camera brand Hasselblad.

The telephoto cameras featured in previous OnePlus flagships have been underwhelming, lacking the ability to produce remarkable results. Even with the OnePlus 11, the optical zoom is limited to 2x, forcing the phone to rely on digital zoom, which compromises the image quality. However, the inclusion of a dedicated periscope lens in the OnePlus 12 is expected to rectify this issue by delivering a substantial improvement in zoom capabilities.

Concerns regarding the thickness and weight of the smartphone can be alleviated, as advancements in technology allow for thin designs without compromising zooming capabilities and picture quality. This is an area where competitors like the Pixel 7 Pro and Samsung S23 Ultra currently hold an advantage, with 5x and 10x optical zoom capabilities, respectively.

In addition to OnePlus, it is speculated that Realme may also introduce a periscope lens in their upcoming high-end smartphone(s). This news is sure to excite Realme fans as well.

While there is reason to anticipate these developments, it is important to approach these leaks with some skepticism and await further information. The OnePlus 12 is projected to be unveiled in early 2024, so we will have to be patient for more concrete details to emerge.

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