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Scientists develop rechargeable edible batteries for medical devices and beyond

Italian scientists have recently invented a novel edible battery that could revolutionize the use of ingestible medical devices. What makes this battery even more intriguing is that it is made up of simple materials commonly found in almonds and capers. By using these basic ingredients, scientists have eliminated the need to create an entirely new product from scratch.

Although the use of ingestible devices in medical procedures is not uncommon, such devices are not currently digestible by the human body. As a result, if something goes wrong during the process, surgical intervention is required to remove them.

The edible battery, however, offers a solution to this issue, as it is made up of materials that the body can easily break down. The core electrodes of the device consist of riboflavin, a vitamin found in almonds, and quercetin, a food supplement found in capers. This development marks a significant advancement in the field of ingestible medical devices and holds the potential for future innovation in the medical industry.

In addition to medical devices like cameras and biosensors, the edible battery has potential applications in powering digestible food quality monitors and soft robots, such as the magnetic slime that was recently introduced in research papers.

The scientists’ prototype of the edible battery is described in a paper published in Advanced Materials. Although the small rectangular battery operates at 0.65 volts and is currently rechargeable, it still requires recharging outside of the body.

Nevertheless, the development of this prototype is exciting due to its potential. If it can be safely digested and recharged within the human body, it could revolutionize the use of medical devices. According to scientists, this is the first rechargeable and edible battery ever created, and it could inspire others to create similar options or even develop new edible batteries from other food materials.

Overall, the development of this edible battery is a significant advancement in the field of ingestible medical devices and could lead to further innovative solutions in the future.

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