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Ted Lasso and the Beatles: How Coach Beard’s Wise Words Connected with a Timeless Song

In the latest installment of Ted Lasso’s third and final season on Apple TV+, titled “We’ll Never Have Paris,” viewers witnessed a heartwarming moment between Coach Beard and Ted’s son, Henry. Amidst his parents’ separation, Coach Beard attempts to comfort Henry by sharing the backstory behind a timeless Beatles tune. As a live musician plays a cover of the song in the background, the scene underscores the power of music to heal and connect us.

However, this isn’t the first time the iconic band has been referenced on the show. In the premiere episode, we see Ted in his early days as the good-natured and somewhat clueless coach of AFC Richmond. During his first encounter with team owner Rebecca Welton, she asks him if he wants a tour, referring to the team’s training facility. As the series draws to a close, fans are reminded of the numerous ways the Beatles’ music has inspired and influenced Ted Lasso’s message of hope and resilience.

In the same episode, when Rebecca offered Ted a tour, he responded with an enthusiastic comment about wanting to visit Abbey Road Studios, where the Beatles recorded many of their iconic hits. The moment showed Ted’s admiration for the band and their music, highlighting his appreciation for the art of sound engineering and music production.

Later on, Coach Beard comforts Ted’s son Henry with the classic Beatles’ song Hey Jude, written by Paul McCartney. The song has remained a beloved favorite since its release in 1968. McCartney originally wrote it as a source of comfort for John Lennon’s son Julian, who was struggling with his parent’s divorce after Lennon left his mother for Yoko Ono. The song’s uplifting lyrics and memorable melody have made it a timeless anthem of hope and perseverance in the face of adversity. By incorporating the story behind Hey Jude into the show, Ted Lasso further reinforces its message of empathy, compassion, and the healing power of music.

McCartney’s lyrics in Hey Jude encourage young Julian to overcome his sadness by taking control of his emotions and finding a way to make things better. Similarly, in the latest episode of Ted Lasso, Coach Beard reassures Henry that he can do the same. Despite his parents’ separation, Henry still has a loving family and the power to turn his sorrow into something positive.

“Young man, you have the power to take a sad song and make it better,” Coach Beard tells Henry, drawing on the song’s inspiring message. The scene is a touching moment that captures the show’s heartwarming spirit and its emphasis on the transformative power of hope and encouragement.

The use of the Beatles’ music throughout the series adds another layer of depth and meaning to the show, showcasing the band’s enduring legacy and their ability to connect with people across generations and cultures. Even in the final season, which has received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike, Ted Lasso continues to deliver poignant moments that remind us of the power of kindness, empathy, and the universal language of music.

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