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The Defining Moment in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse You Must Be Aware Of

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is set to release on June 2nd, and fans of the highly acclaimed Into the Spider-Verse can look forward to an even more ambitious multiverse story, as depicted in the trailers. However, it’s important to note that the sequel will not conclude the overall narrative of the Spider-Verse saga, and Sony wants to ensure audiences are aware of this fact during the final stages of marketing the animated feature.

Now, let’s dive into an interesting spoiler regarding Across the Spider-verse’s ending, which the creators have chosen to reveal ahead of the film’s premiere. While this spoiler doesn’t ruin the entire story, it’s still a significant revelation. If you prefer to be surprised when the movie hits theaters in June, you may want to skip the following details.

In a recent trailer, Sony already treated fans to a major revelation about the sequel – a connection to the MCU’s Spider-Man. Considering the love for Spider-Man among fans, it’s not surprising that Sony has decided to tie Across the Spider-Verse to No Way Home.

This connection is evident in the trailer, where a variant of Spider-Man playfully mocks the actions of the MCU’s Peter Parker, portrayed by Tom Holland. It’s possible that this Spider-Man variant may emerge as an antagonist within the vast multiverse. Meanwhile, Miles Morales, portrayed by Shameik Moore, appears to stand in opposition to Spider-Man 2099.

One of the revelations that have troubled fans in the Across the Spider-Verse trailer is the existence of a society comprised of multiversal Spider-Man variants who may play a role in rectifying the multiverse’s problems. As Across the Spider-Verse exists within the same multiverse as the MCU, this particular reveal requires further explanation. Otherwise, Sony’s approach to the multiverse could potentially jeopardize the broader Multiverse Saga.

Nonetheless, I share the excitement surrounding Across the Spider-Verse, especially considering the impressive quality of the first film. The sequel is expected to exceed two hours in length and will feature an even larger number of Spider-Man variants compared to its predecessor.

However, it’s crucial to note that the creators of the Spider-Verse franchise want to emphasize that the story will not conclude with this installment. Another episode is scheduled to premiere next year, which will serve as the culmination of this trilogy.

Now, onto the spoiler regarding the ending of Across the Spider-Verse. It may not come as a massive surprise to dedicated fans of the Spider-Verse franchise, as they likely anticipate a third installment in the story. Co-director Kemp Powers revealed to SFX magazine that Across the Spider-Verse concludes with a significant cliffhanger, drawing a parallel to the impact of The Empire Strikes Back.

Powers stated, “Across the Spider-Verse is a movie in its own right, but it definitely ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. We believe it’s an enticing cliffhanger that will generate excitement for what’s to come in the third film, as we want people to be eagerly anticipating the next chapter.”

The knowledge that Across the Spider-Verse is the second part of a planned three-part story greatly influenced the approach of the creators. Having the assurance of a third story allowed them to tackle the narrative in a slightly different manner. However, it’s important to note that this film features numerous crucial characters, and it contains a self-contained story arc that needed a satisfying resolution.

Co-director Joaquim Dos Santos expressed his satisfaction with The Empire Strikes Back, drawing a parallel between the impact of that film and the aspirations for Across the Spider-Verse. While this comparison doesn’t necessarily imply a specific event like someone being revealed as another person’s father or losing an arm, it does suggest that the sequel will possess incredibly high stakes. Therefore, audiences should anticipate a monumental cliffhanger at the conclusion of the film.

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