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Extraction 2’s Mind-Blowing One-Shot Scene: Unleashing its Visual Splendor on the Vision Pro

Over the weekend, I found myself faced with a choice: should I invest a few hours in watching Extraction 2 on Netflix or catch The Flash at a theater? To me, the decision was clear-cut. Extraction 2 held more promise, thanks to its potential for future installments. And let me assure you, the film’s breathtaking one-shot scene reaffirmed that I had made the right call.

Initially, I pondered the idea of experiencing the scene on a big theater screen, expecting an even more awe-inspiring encounter. However, that notion quickly faded when I realized that Apple’s Vision Pro spatial computer offered the ultimate platform for this viewing. Within the realm of Extraction 2, you become an active participant, racing alongside Chris Hemsworth’s character, Rake, in a daring prison break. Please note that there will be mild spoilers ahead.

When I say “mild spoilers,” I mean I won’t delve into the specific plot details of Extraction 2 or how the new film continues from its predecessor. It’s enough to say that Extraction 2 may serve as a worthy alternative to the action-packed world of John Wick now that we’ve completed its fourth chapter. If you’re interested, you can find our Extraction 2 review here.

Furthermore, I won’t divulge the intricate specifics of Extraction 2’s one-shot scene, not because I can’t recall them, but rather because attempting to describe the action would fail to capture its true essence. Rest assured, though, my attention was captivated by the remarkable camerawork, which sent my heart racing with every twist and turn.

The one-shot scene in Extraction 2 lasts for approximately 20 minutes and creates an impression of an arduous, painstakingly filmed sequence. The camera maneuvers skillfully around the action, capturing perspectives that defy expectations.

Earlier, I mentioned feeling like a member of Rake’s team, but that statement doesn’t quite capture the full experience. At times, it feels as though you’re actually controlling the protagonist, akin to playing a high-quality third-person shooter game. In other moments, you become an observer, almost like a fly on the wall, witnessing everything and staying in sync with the unfolding action. However, it’s worth noting that a fly wouldn’t stand a chance of surviving in such circumstances.

Throughout this incredible sequence, we are treated to colossal action set pieces within a prison environment. One particularly mind-bending fight takes place in a courtyard where every individual becomes your adversary. It’s during this chaotic encounter that Chris Hemsworth’s character finds himself briefly engulfed in flames, yet he continues to battle other characters who are similarly ablaze.

Prepare to be blown away by the car chase sequence in Extraction 2, where the point of view continuously shifts, creating an exhilarating experience. It’s as if a nimble drone (remember the fly analogy?) is darting between the cars and motorcycles, even finding refuge inside the vehicles for cover. The adrenaline-fueled chase culminates in an epic firefight aboard a train, involving a multitude of enemies and a couple of helicopters. It seems fitting that the villains would possess such aerial firepower. Or rather, had helicopters.

Without a doubt, Extraction 2’s remarkable one-shot scene surpasses anything of its kind seen in other films. Even John Wick 4, which boasts its own awe-inspiring one-shot sequence, left me spellbound when I experienced it in a theater. However, in my opinion, Extraction 2 takes the crown and outshines its counterpart with its sheer brilliance.

When it comes to relieving the intense 20-minute action of Extraction 2, the optimal method would undoubtedly involve devices like the Vision Pro and other cutting-edge spatial computers. Picture yourself donning the glasses, immersing yourself in the virtual world, and pressing play. The sensation of being in sync with the characters, moving alongside them, would be extraordinary. Admittedly, the potential for inducing nausea does raise some concerns, but that’s a topic for another time.

The good news is that Extraction 2 will be followed by a sequel on Netflix, and I have high expectations for the remarkable camera work it will deliver. With the advent of the Vision Pro and similar technology, it wouldn’t surprise me if more filmmakers start envisioning one-shot scenes that offer an incredible experience in theaters but truly shine when viewed at home, through mixed reality headsets.

Reflecting on the astounding one-shot sequence in Extraction 2, I find myself yearning for a Netflix documentary that delves into the behind-the-scenes process of capturing such a breathtaking action scene. I’m eager to gain insights into the techniques and expertise that made it possible to create this awe-inspiring cinematic feat.

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