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GM Embraces Tesla’s Charging Connector and Bolsters Supercharger Network Support

It appears that the trend of adopting Tesla’s charging connector is gaining momentum.

General Motors recently made an announcement through a press release, revealing their decision to follow Ford’s footsteps and incorporate Tesla’s charging connector into their forthcoming electric vehicle models from 2025 onward. Furthermore, starting next year, GM plans to grant access to Tesla’s Supercharger network for their current electric vehicles.

Mary Barra, Chair and CEO of GM emphasized their commitment to an all-electric future, aiming to manufacture millions of top-notch EVs across various categories and price ranges. Simultaneously, they aim to create an ecosystem that accelerates the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Barra stated, “This collaboration is a vital aspect of our strategy and a significant milestone in expanding our customers’ access to fast chargers. Not only will it facilitate a smoother transition to electric vehicles, but it could also propel the industry toward a unified charging standard in North America.”

Rebecca Tinucci, Tesla’s Senior Director of Charging Infrastructure, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with GM, citing it as another stride towards their mission of expediting the global shift to sustainable energy.

“Enabling all EV owners to enjoy convenient and reliable charging is at the core of our mission. Collaborating with industry leaders like General Motors allows us to extend access to the Tesla Supercharger Network via the North American Charging Standard.”

GM affirms that their electric vehicles will adopt NACS, the charging connector pioneered by Tesla and made accessible for any company to adopt. By doing so, they anticipate their vehicles will eventually be able to utilize over 12,000 Supercharger stations throughout North America.

GM’s recent announcement aligns closely with Ford’s similar announcement in late May. Both companies share a common goal of facilitating charging compatibility for electric vehicles (EVs) that do not come equipped with the NACS connector.

To ensure support for all EVs from both brands, GM and Ford are collaborating to develop adapters that will be available at Tesla Supercharger stations. These adapters will enable EVs without the NACS connector to connect and charge seamlessly at the Supercharger network, expanding the accessibility of fast charging options for a broader range of electric vehicles. This joint effort demonstrates a commitment to interoperability and convenience within the EV industry.

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