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Unveiling the Pixel Fold: Predicting its Effect on Galaxy Z Fold 5’s Price

A few weeks ago, the Pixel Fold was unveiled by Google, marking the company’s entry into the foldable smartphone market. With the imminent release of their first foldable device, Google’s move seems to have prompted Samsung to adjust their plans for the Google Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 event. Undoubtedly, Samsung is feeling the heat this year, as competition in the foldables sector intensifies, with Google emerging as a formidable contender.

Fortunately for Samsung, Google did not undercut them on pricing. The Pixel Fold is priced at $1,799, matching the cost of the Galaxy Fold 4. This situation presents an opportunity for Samsung to potentially lower the prices of their Fold-like tablets, starting with the Galaxy Fold 5. Recent leaks suggest that Samsung might indeed be considering a price adjustment.

According to a reputable leaker known as Tech_Reve, Samsung is expected to maintain the same price for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 as its predecessor. Last year’s model was priced at around $1,000, so it would make sense for the next-generation model to retain a similar entry price.

The leaker’s claim regarding the Galaxy Z Fold 5 price is particularly intriguing. They suggest that there might be a slight price reduction for the Fold 5 this year. Unfortunately, specific figures are not available at this time, and if the leak holds true, the price cut may not be substantial.

Samsung is facing significant competition in the foldable market this year, not only from the Pixel Fold but also from various Chinese smartphone vendors entering international markets with their own foldable devices. The availability of different Fold and Flip models presents a challenge for Samsung.

As the leaker highlights, the pricing for the Fold 5 is still under consideration. While Samsung could choose to maintain the $1,799 price tag seen on the Pixel Fold, a price reduction, even if modest, would carry symbolic value. By taking proactive steps in pricing, Samsung, as the self-proclaimed leader of the foldable business, would demonstrate its leadership rather than merely reacting to competitors like Google.

Regardless of the pricing decision, it is highly likely that Samsung will employ various promotional strategies to attract potential buyers, as they have done in the past. This may include registration discounts, preorder deals, and trade-in options, allowing customers to receive discounts on various old gadgets they bring in, not just smartphones.

Recent leaks suggest that Samsung is ready to match the offerings of its rivals. For instance, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is expected to feature a large and generous external display, similar to devices from Oppo and Motorola. Moreover, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 are rumored to incorporate new hinge designs aimed at eliminating the screen gap issue that has been a concern in the past.

While none of these details have been officially confirmed, the unveiling of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 is imminent, and soon we will have concrete information about Samsung’s latest foldable offerings.

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