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Anticipating the Arrival of iOS 17 Public Beta 1

Apple is gearing up for the release of the highly anticipated iOS 17 public beta, expected to arrive in July. Although the exact date is never officially disclosed, Apple has demonstrated consistency in its public beta release timeline in recent years.

By examining Apple’s patterns with developer betas, it becomes possible to estimate when public betas will become accessible. Thankfully, Thinky Bits has analyzed the trends. In previous years, Apple released the first public beta approximately a week after providing beta 3 to developers.

For instance, during the iOS 16 cycle, Apple released beta 3 on Wednesday, July 6. Subsequently, iOS 16 public beta 1 was introduced less than a week later, on Monday, July 11. It is worth noting that Apple also released a new beta 3 build on the same day the public beta became available.

Considering that iOS 17 beta 3 was released last week, it is plausible that Apple will follow a similar pattern, unveiling its initial iOS 17 public beta on July 11, this Tuesday. Following this, we can anticipate the arrival of iOS 17 beta 4 the following week. As the testing cycle progresses, Apple will likely seed developer betas a day or two before the public betas.

Although Apple did not release the public beta 1 on July 10, Twitter user aaronp613 pointed out that the company briefly and accidentally released Xcode command line tools 15 beta 4 before promptly removing it. This occurrence could indicate that the public beta release is drawing near and that beta 4 for developers might be available sooner than anticipated.

Once the first public beta of iOS 17 is accessible, users will need to enroll their devices in the Apple Beta Software Program. Upon downloading the public beta profile, they will start receiving updates as they become available.

Similar procedures apply to iPadOS 17 and macOS Sonoma. However, it is not recommended to download the public beta version of watchOS 10 as downgrading to a stable version later becomes problematic. On the other hand, tvOS 17 beta has been accessible to all users since June 5, and the first public HomePod Software Version 17 is expected to be available alongside the public beta of iOS 17.

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