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Apex Legends Dev Responds to Controversial Season: Ranked Changes Confirmed

The Apex Legends Season 17 Ranked system has stirred up controversy among high-level players in the FPS game. However, there is good news for them, as a Respawn developer has confirmed that adjustments are on the horizon for Apex Legends Season 18. In an effort to make it easier to reach higher ranks, Respawn implemented changes to the Ranked mode this season, favoring passive playstyles and discouraging aggressive action and kill-focused strategies.

Professional player and Apex Legends streamer, Sweet, highlighted this issue when he managed to achieve Apex Predator, the game’s highest rank, without securing any kills or dealing damage.

The primary alteration that influenced Ranked play and enabled Christopher ‘sweet dreams’ Sexton’s unconventional rank climb is the new flat rate entry fee for Ranked matches. Previously, players had to pay more points as they climbed higher in rank. However, this season, all ranks have the same low entry fee, making it easier to accumulate points and surpass the initial investment.

This change became evident through the observations of ApexStatus, a third-party player tracker, which noted a significant surge in the number of Master rank players this season.

Consequently, many members of the community feel that high-rank badges in Season 17 hold less value and lack rewarding incentives. A recent Reddit thread highlighted this sentiment, prompting a response from Respawn developer Aaron L (AKA Exgeniar), who assured players that they can anticipate changes in the upcoming season.

Apex Legends Season 17 is currently in progress and will continue for a few more weeks, while Apex Legends Season 18 is scheduled to launch in early August. Players will need to be patient as any significant changes to the Ranked system will not be implemented until the new season begins.

In the meantime, whether you prefer ranked or unranked modes, it’s worth taking a look at our Apex Legends tier list to gain insights into the top picks for this season. Additionally, if you’re seeking a different gaming experience, we have a comprehensive breakdown of the best battle royale games available on PC at the moment.

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