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BBNaija 2023 Week 1 Nominations Unveiled: Tension Rises as Housemates Face Eviction

BBNaija 2023 Week 1 Nomination Result

After an intense Head of House game, Adekunle emerged as the winner, granting him immunity from nominations. Excitement filled the air as the rest of the housemates headed into the diary room to cast their first nominations of the season.

With his newfound immunity, Adekunle was able to watch the nomination process from a place of safety. Meanwhile, Mercy Eke also secured her immunity from nominations by triumphing in the thrilling game of black envelope.

The atmosphere inside the house was a mix of anticipation and tension as the housemates made their choices, paving the way for an intriguing first eviction of the season.

Stay tuned for more updates as the drama unfolds in the BBNaija house!

In Week 1 of BBNaija 2023, the All Stars housemates had to make their first nominations for eviction from the Big Brother house. Here’s the list of their nominations:

  1. Neo nominated Whitemoney
    2. Angel nominated Seyi
    3. Pere nominated Princess
    4. Princess nominated Venita
    . White money nominated Ilebaye
    6. Ilebaye nominated Tolanibaj
    7. Seyi nominated Princess
    8. Mercy nominated Pere
    9. Cross nominated Doyin
    10. Tolanibaj nominated Venita
    11. Ike nominated Soma
    12. Doyin nominated Venita
    13. Soma nominated Venita
    14. Alex nominated Ike
    15. Venita nominated Ilebaye
    16. Kiddwaya nominated Ilebaye
    17. Uriel nominated Doyin
    18. Frodd nominated Princess
    19. Cee C nominated Seyi
    20. Adekunle nominated Princess

It’s evident that tensions are rising in the house as the nominees await the outcome of the eviction process. Let’s stay tuned to see how the events unfold and which housemate will be the first to leave the BBNaija all-Stars house this season.

BBNaija 2023 Week 1 Nomination Result

After the intense nomination process in Week 1, here are the housemates and the number of nominations they received:

Safe from Nominations (0 nominations):

  1. Adekunle
    2. Alex
    3. Angel
    4. Cee C
    5. Cross
    6. Frodd
    7. Kiddwaya
    8. Mercy Eke
    9. Neoenergy
    10. Uriel

Received Nominations:

  1. Doyin: 2 nominations
    2. Ike: 1 nomination
    3. Ilebaye: 3 nominations
    4. Pere: 1 nomination
    5. Princess: 4 nominations
    6. Seyi: 2 nominations
    7. Soma: 1 nomination
    8. Tolanibaj: 1 nomination
    9. Venita: 4 nominations
    10. White money: 1 nomination

As a result of the nominations, some housemates are facing higher risks of eviction this week. The tension in the BBNaija house is palpable, and viewers are eager to see how the nominated housemates will handle the situation. Keep watching to find out who will survive the eviction and who will be the first to say goodbye to the BBNaija 2023 all Stars house!

In BBNaija 2023 Week 1, Princess and Venita emerged as the housemates with the most nominations, both receiving 4 nominations each. Following closely behind were Ilebaye with 3 nominations, and Seyi and Doyin with 2 nominations each. Additionally, Soma, Tolanibaj, Whitemoney, Pere, and Ike each received 1 nomination.

These housemates are now at higher risk of facing eviction from the Big Brother house this week. As the tension mounts, their fate lies in the hands of the viewers, who will decide who gets to stay and who will be the first to leave the BBNaija 2023 All-Stars edition. Stay tuned to find out the eviction results and see how the dynamics in the house evolve!

In BBNaija 2023 Week 1, the following housemates received the highest nominations from their fellow housemates and are therefore up for eviction this week:

  1. Princess – 4 nominations
    2. Venita – 4 nominations
    3. Ilebaye – 3 nominations
    4. Doyin – 2 nominations
    5. Tolanibaj – 1 nomination
    6. White money – 1 nomination
    7. Pere – 1 nomination
    8. Ike – 1 nomination

However, Cross, Seyi, and Soma were saved from eviction due to their Best of Friend reward from the Head of House, Adekunle. Additionally, Mercy earned immunity from eviction through the black envelope game.

With this, the rest of the housemates are all placed on possible eviction. The tension in the BBNaija house is at an all-time high as the fate of the nominated housemates now lies in the hands of the viewers, who will determine who gets to stay and who will leave the BBNaija 2023 all Stars edition.

Stay tuned to find out who survives the eviction and who will be the first to bid farewell to their fellow housemates!

In a surprising twist, Big Brother secretly revealed to Adekunle that the nominations for this week are, in fact, fake. However, with this privileged information, Adekunle was given a crucial task not to disclose this to any of the other housemates.

As the bearer of this secret, Adekunle must now navigate the game with caution, knowing that the nominations’ outcomes may not necessarily reflect the actual intentions of his fellow housemates. The burden of keeping this secret adds an extra layer of complexity to the dynamics within the house, as Adekunle must strategize and make decisions while maintaining the facade that the nominations are genuine.

The other housemates remain unaware of this revelation, and Big Brother’s secret to Adekunle is sure to have a significant impact on the house dynamics, adding suspense and unpredictability to the game. The viewers eagerly await how Adekunle will handle this newfound information and how it will influence his choices and interactions with the rest of the housemates.

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