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Fallout Nuevo Mexico: A Captivating Tribute to ’90s Fallout Games

Fallout New Vegas is widely regarded as one of the greatest RPG games ever created. But what happens when a group of dedicated modders takes that foundation and endeavors to create their own unique spin-off? Enter Fallout Nuevo Mexico. This ambitious mod aims to deliver a fresh storyline, innovative mechanics, and a nostalgic experience reminiscent of the original ’90s Fallout games, while fans eagerly await the arrival of Fallout 5.

The team behind Fallout Nuevo Mexico has unveiled an impressive 18-minute gameplay footage, offering a glimpse into the vast world they have crafted. This total conversion mod is set five years after the events of the original 1997 game and is built using the engine of Fallout New Vegas.

Similar to the delayed Fallout London mod, which aims to avoid the release of Starfield, Fallout Nuevo Mexico is a total conversion that utilizes the framework of a previous game to construct an entirely new experience. This entails the introduction of fresh characters, quests, assets, and an entirely new world. Think of it as a substantial DLC expansion for the recent Fallout titles, complete with a unique player character and revamped mechanics.

Returning to the series’ roots, Nuevo Mexico seeks to provide players with an engaging narrative, offering two distinct paths at the start: The Convict and The Dreamer. The Convict begins their journey in a robot-run prison, staging an escape during a riot. On the other hand, The Dreamer allows players to assume the role of a ghoul residing in a pre-war military base, presenting a fresh perspective on a core aspect of the Fallout universe. Here, ghouls are embarking on a quest to uncover a way to conceive children, intricately tying into the broader lore of the franchise.
In addition to their divergent starting points and unique cultural contexts, the Convict and the Dreamer in Fallout Nuevo Mexico also experience distinct gameplay mechanics. As a ghoul, the Dreamer has the ability to approach radiation barrels and acquire what the development team calls a “radiation booster.” This grants the player “feral ghoul-like abilities,” although excessive usage can lead to the player character turning feral themselves, introducing an element of risk and consequence.

From the thriving Old Town to a Roswell now ruled by ghouls (yes, that Roswell), the essence of life that defined the post-apocalyptic world in previous Interplay and Bethesda Fallout games remains present in Nuevo Mexico. Anticipation runs high to see how the team will incorporate Roswell and the atmosphere of ’50s America, complete with the alien panic that characterized that era. Early glimpses suggest the inclusion of secret underground facilities that blend real-world cultural references with Fallout’s distinctive universe, promising an intriguing and immersive experience.

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