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NASA expands work on next-generation spacesuits with new contracts

NASA has recently granted additional task orders to Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace to continue their work on next-generation spacesuits. Axiom Space, already involved in the development of a suit for future Artemis missions to the Moon, will now focus on creating a suit specifically designed for spacewalks in low-Earth orbit. On the other hand, Collins Aerospace will commence their efforts in developing spacesuits suitable for lunar missions.
The unveiling of NASA and Axiom Space’s Artemis spacesuit design showcased significant improvements in mobility and astronaut protection compared to the spacesuits currently in use. This marks a significant overhaul of spacesuit technology, which has largely remained unchanged for several decades.
With Axiom Space now directing their attention towards spacewalk spacesuits, we can anticipate the development of gear that will have more immediate applications than those intended for the future Artemis missions, which are still a few years away. Furthermore, the involvement of multiple companies in similar projects will offer NASA a broader range of options and foster innovation in these critical areas.

According to NASA, the assessments conducted by both vendors will not only provide the space agency with valuable insights but also offer redundancy in the use of different suit systems, both in low-Earth orbit and on the lunar surface. Each spacesuit will undergo evaluations to determine its performance in various gravitational fields and other conditions.

This is an exciting moment, as both companies have the opportunity to create remarkable next-generation spacesuits, allowing NASA to select the most suitable suit for their specific needs. Moreover, by engaging multiple companies in these tasks, NASA continues to foster a robust and competitive commercial space industry, which is crucial for long-term expansion.

Under the new tasks, Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace will expand the utilization of their existing suit systems. Both companies are expected to provide NASA with comprehensive suit capabilities until 2034, the end of the current performance period. Given the age of the spacesuits currently in use on the International Space Station, it will be fascinating to witness the deployment of new suits once they have been perfected.

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