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Nic Cage’s Outfits Come to Life in Dead by Daylight

I never thought I’d witness a collaboration like Nic Cage joining forces with Dead by Daylight, but now I realize it’s something I never knew I needed. The arrival of this legendary actor into the eerie realms of The Fog has already caused quite a stir in the horror gaming community, and why wouldn’t it? After all, we’re talking about Nic Cage here. However, it’s not just his mere appearance that has players captivated; it’s his Dead by Daylight cosmetics, which seem to be inspired by some of his iconic real-life looks.

Thanks to the keen eye of Dead by Daylight leaker Isaiah ‘dvveet,’ we caught a glimpse of Cage featured in the promotional artwork for Archives Tome 16, allegedly named ‘Existence.’ In this artwork, our charismatic hero is seen evading the clutches of the game’s newest killer, The Singularity. But what truly caught Dvveet’s attention was that Cage’s outfit in the game mirrors one he has actually worn in real life.

Donned in a black leather jacket adorned with spikes and a striking red lining, reminiscent of his iconic Ghost Rider attire (although Johnny Blaze would never be caught sporting leopard print), the skin is an exact replica of the ensemble he flaunted back in 2020 at the Color Out of Space premiere.

My friends over at The Digital Fix, you should be proud of the extensive investigation I conducted to pinpoint this outfit.

I can’t contain my excitement over this seemingly trivial detail. It may be a small thing, but it has me ridiculously thrilled. Not only does it imply that we might witness the inclusion of the mint green Summer Games Fest suit and the pink leather jacket in DBD (although they may not be ideal for concealment), but it also enhances the immersive experience of actually embodying Nic Cage. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want that? After all, he himself expressed a desire to “fuse” with you in DBD—those are his words, not mine.

For those eagerly awaiting the arrival of Nicolas Cage, the wait is almost over. He is currently available to play on the DBD Public Test Build (PTB), and his official release date in Dead by Daylight is set for Tuesday, July 25. Keep in mind that he is a paid character, and unlocking him will cost 500 Auric Cells ($4.99/£5.99). It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? You can buy Nic Cage for just five bucks.

Of course, a survivor isn’t complete without upgraded abilities. To help you level up your rendition of Nic Cage, we have a comprehensive list of all the active DBD codes for July. Additionally, we’ve compiled a list of other multiplayer games to keep you entertained until his release. So, gear up and get ready to embrace your inner Nic Cage in Dead by Daylight!

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