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Tesla’s Model Y Shatters Records as the World’s Top-Selling Electric Vehicle

Tesla’s Model Y has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the world’s best-selling car, marking the first time an all-electric vehicle has claimed the top spot. This achievement is particularly remarkable considering the Model Y was unveiled just over four years ago.

The Model Y’s ascent to the number one position was anticipated by many, given its steady climb up the sales rankings since its launch. Last year, it secured the third spot. The consistent reduction in the Model Y’s price has likely contributed to its strong demand. Presently, the base Model Y starts at $47,490, while the Model Y Long Range begins at $50,490.

According to Motor1, Tesla sold an impressive 267,200 units of the Model Y during the first quarter of 2023, representing a year-over-year growth of 69%. The popularity of the Model Y is evident from its increased sales in all geographic regions.

If Tesla manages to maintain its sales momentum, the company could surpass 1 million units in sales for the year. Notably, Elon Musk had predicted back in 2016 that the Model Y would eventually reach this milestone.

In terms of other best-selling cars on the list, Toyota’s Corolla secured the second spot with 256,400 units sold in the quarter. The Toyota Hilux, Toyota RAV4, and Toyota Camry occupied the third through fifth positions, respectively.
Despite its overall success, Model Y has faced some concerns regarding quality control. One specific issue that has caught the attention of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the reported incidents of steering wheel detachment in certain Model Y vehicles.

According to a report, an owner filed a complaint with the NHTSA stating that the steering wheel detached while driving with their family on Route 1 in Woodbridge, New Jersey. This incident occurred just five days after purchasing the vehicle. Fortunately, no injuries were reported as the owner was able to safely maneuver the vehicle towards the road divider with no cars behind them.

Despite these quality control concerns, it appears that they haven’t deterred consumers from purchasing the Model Y. The car continues to experience strong demand and sales remain robust.

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