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The Apple Watch Ultra 2 with Sleek Dark Titanium Finish

In recent weeks, there have been reports about Apple’s intention to unveil the next iteration of the Apple Watch Ultra. This exciting news indicates that, following the successful launch of the first model boasting a 49mm case, enhanced GPS sensor, a stunning new finish, and remarkable battery life, the company from Cupertino intends to continue updating the Watch annually.

Lately, there have been intriguing hints about the upcoming features of this year’s Apple Watch Ultra. Among the anticipated upgrades, a faster processor is expected, but there’s another compelling addition that might sway me, and others, to upgrade: the possibility of a darker finish.

According to Mark Gurman’s insights in Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter, Apple explored the option of a darker titanium color last year, but it was eventually scrapped due to design concerns. However, it seems there’s a chance the darker finish could make a comeback in the 2023 release, as designers have had time to reevaluate and refine the look.

While I don’t think early adopters of the first Apple Watch Ultra need to rush into upgrading, those like me, who are still holding onto older models like the Apple Watch Series 6, might find the new iteration more tempting. Not only will the faster processor be a welcome improvement after years of hardware updates without a significant speed bump, but the alluring darker option, in my opinion, would complement the wrist much better than a light gray model.

The speculation about a darker finish is reinforced by reports indicating Apple’s decision to switch the stainless steel frame on the iPhone Pro models to titanium for the iPhone 15 Pro, with one of the expected colors being graphite. This coherence in design language suggests that the new Apple Watch might follow suit.

Introducing a fresh color option following a major product update or redesign is consistent with Apple’s approach. Traditionally, the company has brought new colors to its 6, 7, and 8 phone series, enticing users to upgrade, especially with the S versions that focus on internal enhancements over a complete redesign.

As for adding new sensors like blood glucose measurement to the Apple Watch lineup, these advancements seem to be a few years away. Therefore, this year’s darker finish could be the most significant enhancement before the company transitions to microLED, which is rumored to happen in 2025 or 2026.

Additionally, Apple’s plans to replace metal components of the Apple Watch Ultra with 3D printing technology could potentially lead to a decrease in cost or weight. This development is something to keep an eye on to see how it may affect the device.

In conclusion, the upcoming Apple Watch Ultra holds promise with its faster processor and, possibly, the enticing darker finish. For users who have been holding off on upgrading, this could be a compelling reason to make the switch and enjoy the enhanced capabilities and style that this latest iteration has to offer.

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