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The Spectacular Next iPad Pro

Anticipated for an early 2024 release, the upcoming iPad Pro is generating excitement with its impressive features, such as the incorporation of an OLED display and the highly awaited M3 processor. However, the most alluring aspect that has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts is the prospective redesign, showcasing slimmer bezels. This remarkable alteration has the potential to transform the iPad into the ultimate dream tablet for users worldwide.

As per insights shared by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in the Power On newsletter, Apple is embarking on a venture to reduce the border size surrounding the display of the iPhone 15 Pro models, shrinking them from 2.2 millimeters to a mere 1.5 millimeters. The technology responsible for this transformation, known as low-injection pressure over-molding (LIPO), is intended to eventually find its way to the iPad lineup as well.

Although the specific iPad model receiving this revamp remains undisclosed, speculation suggests that the iPad Pro might be the first to adopt this fresh design language or potentially thinner bezels. Even the preceding late 2022 iPad Pro model boasted thin bezels, but further narrowing them could yield an almost borderless appearance, a feature that users may warmly welcome.

As Apple steers the iPad Pro toward a touch-screen computer experience rather than just a handheld tablet, utilizing this cutting-edge technology makes perfect sense. Moreover, there is anticipation for the implementation of a function first introduced in the tenth-generation iPad: the horizontal placement of the front-facing camera. This alteration alleviates the awkwardness during FaceTime calls and Zoom presentations, allowing users to maintain direct eye contact with the camera. The addition of the Center Stage further enhances the experience by dynamically keeping users centered in the frame during calls.

While some of these features seem to be well on their way, the exact release date for the iPad’s thinner bezels remains elusive. Nevertheless, it is evident that Apple has numerous exciting developments in the pipeline. With the advent of iPadOS 17, the company is dedicated to continually enhancing the tablet experience by introducing more functionalities that will elevate productivity and user satisfaction.

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