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BBN All-Stars: Doyin Reigns as HOH, Five Face the Heat of Eviction

In an unexpected twist of events, Doyin found herself in a fierce showdown with Cross during a challenging Head of House (HoH) competition. After successfully navigating the initial round, which involved constructing the tallest structure in just seven minutes, the final showdown brought together a formidable group of competitors, including Adekunle, Cross, Doyin, Ike, Mercy Eke, and Seyi.

What made the final round truly unique was the inclusion of past Heads of House such as Adekunle, Ike, and Mercy Eke. In this round, contestants were tasked with the delicate balance of a box on a seesaw, using only one leg.

Doyin’s ingenuity and negotiation skills proved to be pivotal in her victory, as she struck a deal with Cross. In exchange for two coveted BFF badges, Cross gracefully bowed out of the competition, perhaps driven by friendship or simply fatigue. Nevertheless, Doyin showcased her unwavering determination, outlasting all others and emerging as the ultimate victor.

Her generosity extended beyond the game, as she shared BFF badges with both Cross and Kim Oprah, solidifying their bonds. Furthermore, Doyin selected Mercy Eke and Neoenergy as her trusted allies, adding an intriguing dimension to the pursuit of immunity, thanks to the introduction of the enigmatic Black Envelopes, which offered protection from eviction.

In an intriguing turn of events, Prince Nelson, Mercy Eke, and Venita stumbled upon envelopes with significant consequences. Venita’s enthusiasm prompted her to discreetly tuck the envelope into her jersey. However, Prince Nelson’s envelope contained a surprising twist, as it granted immunity to another housemate, Alex, instead of himself, leaving him vulnerable. Unfortunately for Venita and Mercy Eke, luck did not favor them.

This week introduced a substantial deviation from the norm, as the customary “Pardon Me Please” nominations were forbidden. Each housemate was required to nominate three fellow housemates for possible eviction, selecting one from the guest list and two from the core group. The nomination roster included Adekunle, Angel, Ike, Pere, and Seyi, and even featured a fake nomination of guest Lucy.

Here’s how the nominations unfolded:

  1. Adekunle: Angel, Whitemoney (Prince Nelson)
    2. Alex: Adekunle, Pere (Sholzy)
    3. Angel: Ike, Seyi (Lucy)
    4. Ceec: Adekunle, Seyi (Prince Nelson)
    5. Cross: Adekunle, Ilebaye (Lucy)
    6. Doyin: Seyi, Venita (Sholzy)
    7. Ike: Angel, Ilebaye (Prince Nelson)
    8. Ilebaye: Ike, Seyi (Lucy)
    9. Mercy Eke: Adekunle, Lucy, Pere
    10. Neoenergy: Ike, Kim Oprah, Whitemoney
    11. Pere: Seyi, Sholzy, Venita
    12. Seyi: Angel, Pere (Prince Nelson)
    13. Soma: Lucy, Mercy Eke, Pere
    14. Whitemoney: Adekunle, Ike, (Lucy)
    15. Venita: Angel, Ilebaye (Prince Nelson)
    Adding to the suspense, the house guests had their turn in the diary room, nominating two housemates each for potential eviction. Kim Oprah chose Adekunle and Neoenergy, Lucy went for Angel and Soma, Prince Nelson selected Adekunle and Soma, and Sholzy nominated Angel and guest Lucy.

As tension mounts, the burning question looms: which housemate will bid farewell to the house and their fellow contestants, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats?

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