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Ceec, Ilebaye, Mercy Eke, Soma, & Venita Shine in Guinness BBNaija Task

With a string of previous task victories, Venita remains determined to showcase her creative prowess on All-Stars. This week, the spotlight is on fashion as the theme takes center stage in Biggie’s house. Each housemate faces a series of activities and challenges, all aimed at highlighting their unique fashion skills.

In the latest sponsored task, the housemates are put to the test of their ability to collaborate creatively. Divided into teams, they are presented with boxes of stylish clothing items and colorful accessories, which they must skillfully stitch together to present on a dazzling fashion runway. Additionally, they are tasked with using their boundless imagination to craft an exclusive range of three cocktail varieties per team.

Among the teams, Team Vibrant and Team Gold receive special commendations from Biggie for their delectable drinks, but it is Team Bold that ultimately emerges as the triumphant winner. The members of Team Bold, including Ceec, Ilebaye, Mercy Eke, Soma, and Venita, are celebrated for their exceptional performance and impeccable attention to detail. Biggie showers them with praise, calling their presentation “Magnificent.”

At the heart of Team Bold’s success is Venita, who assumes the role of the group’s creative director. Under her guidance, the team pushes the boundaries of creativity and packages their looks with remarkable panache. Their outfits are a sight to behold, leaving a lasting impression on the runway. The designated models, Ceec, Ilebaye, and Mercy Eke, mesmerize the audience with their captivating presence, while Soma’s charisma during the performance also catches Biggie’s discerning eye.

In a show of unanimous agreement with Biggie’s decision, the audience on social media lauds Team Bold for their extraordinary creative executions. Despite the best efforts of all the housemates, Team Bold’s performance stood out as exceptional and deserving of victory. Once the announcement was made, all the team members couldn’t help but shower Venita with praises, recognizing her as the true boss lady in the house. Her leadership and creative direction played a pivotal role in leading Team Bold to their well-deserved win, and her fellow housemates commend her for the outstanding work she put in.

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