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Ike Clinches Week 3 Head of House in BBNaija 2023

Once more, the Big Brother Naija contestants found themselves engaged in the Head of House challenge, vying for the coveted immunity from weekly nominations. This challenge comprised two distinct stages. Initially, the participants were tasked with deciphering a jigsaw puzzle, meticulously reconstructing the provided model featuring the phrase “Head of House.”

The subsequent phase involved reassembling the jigsaw pieces to craft the iconic Big Brother eye logo. Within a tight 5-minute timeframe, the contenders were required to conquer both puzzles.

Regrettably, Ilebaye and Ceec were both ineligible for participation in today’s Head of House event due to their infringement of the established Big Brother regulations.

Among the contestants, Ike emerged triumphant in assembling the jigsaw puzzle, securing the title of Head of House for week 3. His achievement grants him immunity from the impending nominations and grants him exclusive access to the esteemed Big Brother lounge. Additionally, he possesses the privilege of selecting four Best Friends Forever (BFF) housemates.

For the forthcoming week, Ike has designated Venita, Ceec, Mercy, and Seyi as his chosen BFF housemates.

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