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Mercy Eke’s Courageous Choice to Decline N120 Million Offer

Big Brother Naija All Stars contestant, Mercy Eke, opened up about a remarkable incident from her past and the significant financial offer she received from her boyfriend. During a candid conversation with her fellow housemate, Princess, on Thursday, Mercy revealed that her boyfriend once made an astonishing proposition to her. He offered her a substantial sum of N120 million as an incentive not to participate in the reality show. Despite the tempting amount, Mercy bravely declined the offer.

According to Mercy, her boyfriend’s proposal came with a promise to provide her with the money within three months, but only if she refrained from entering the All Stars edition of the reality show. It’s worth noting that her boyfriend, known to Frodd, was well aware of the situation.

Elaborating on her decision, Mercy shared that her determination to be a part of the All Stars show was unwavering, and no amount of money could sway her from pursuing her dreams. She expressed her strong resolve, saying, “I want this. I came here with a purpose, and now that I am here, I am ready to face whatever challenges come my way, even if it means not earning a single naira.”

Mercy’s refusal to accept such a substantial financial offer in favor of participating in the reality show showcases her commitment to her personal goals and ambitions. This revelation sheds light on her values and priorities, highlighting her unwavering dedication to pursuing her dreams regardless of any monetary temptations that may arise.

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