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Photographer’s Stunning Rainbow Contrail Images

A collection of mesmerizing images featuring rainbow contrails has been skillfully captured by a photographer. These unique ice clouds emerge as a result of the freezing and condensation of water vapor emitted by aircraft engines around pre-existing dust particles or water vapor in the atmosphere. Under the perfect angle of sunlight, these clouds exhibit a remarkable phenomenon, diffusing the light to produce a breathtaking rainbow-like spectacle.

The recent series of photographs has been skillfully taken by amateur photographer Soumyadeep Mukherjee hailing from Kolkata, India. The mesmerizing phenomenon of rainbow contrails, akin to those immortalized by Mukherjee’s lens, emerges as sunlight refracts through the ice clouds at varying wavelengths. This captivating display, often elusive in photographic captures, materializes through a harmonious alignment of time and place.

Observing these ice clouds and their mesmerizing trails is a serendipitous affair, requiring precise timing and positioning. Mukherjee’s remarkable work is showcased in its entirety in the original report on Reflecting on the image, Mukherjee eloquently states that “nature never disappoints,” underscoring the enduring beauty of his captured moment.

“I couldn’t believe that I captured it,” Mukherjee expressed in a statement provided to He recounted that the colors were subtle and barely discernible to the naked eye during the moment of capture. He acknowledges that had he not opted to zoom his camera to such an extent, he might have overlooked this remarkable sight altogether. The image we’ve featured at the beginning of this article offers a glimpse of what rainbow contrails appear like.

Although we’re unable to present Mukherjee’s images here, they are available for viewing in the original report on Within these images, the colors seamlessly merge with the clouds, while the image presented at the article’s outset presents them in contrast against a darker backdrop. The interplay of these colors with the surrounding clouds often renders these luminous displays challenging to perceive.

For those seeking more enchanting celestial displays, the aftermath of a SpaceX rocket’s atmospheric entry in late July showcased a spectacular phenomenon where the sky appeared to bleed color, adding to the array of captivating spectacles.

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