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UK Launches Inquiry into 17-Year Wrongful Imprisonment

The UK government has taken a significant step towards justice by launching an independent inquiry into the case of a man who endured a staggering 17 years of imprisonment before his wrongful rape conviction was finally overturned on appeal.

This inquiry will closely scrutinize the actions of both the Greater Manchester Police and the Crown Prosecution Service throughout the entire ordeal. Its primary aim is to uncover the underlying reasons for the profound miscarriage of justice that Andrew Malkinson endured.

Justice Minister Alex Chalk emphasized the gravity of Malkinson’s situation, stating, “Andrew Malkinson suffered an atrocious miscarriage of justice, and he deserves thorough and honest answers as to how and why it took so long to uncover. A man spent 17 years in prison for a crime he did not commit while a rapist remained on the loose. It is essential that lessons are learned in full.”

Malkinson, now 57 years old, was convicted of rape in 2004, despite the absence of any DNA evidence tying him to the crime. The Court of Appeal ultimately intervened, overturning his conviction after new DNA testing established a connection to another individual.

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Stephen Watson expressed deep remorse, saying, “I am very sorry that Mr. Malkinson has suffered so grievously over these past many years.” He further committed the police force to participate in the inquiry in a manner that reflects “integrity, candor, and humility.”

This inquiry is a crucial step towards addressing the systemic issues that can lead to such grave miscarriages of justice and ensuring that similar cases are prevented in the future.

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