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How to Unlock Forgotten Android Device Password without Losing Your Data

The first thing most fresh tech geek would suggest when you forget your android password is to hard reset the device. Doing device wipe (hard reset) using the usual volume with combination of power and or camera button would put your phone back to the default settings removing the password set to lock the phone. But all your data will be lost after the device wipe is done.

However there is no need doing the hard reset if the device is truly yours and an active Google account is sign in. Most times Google account is required from the device owners before they can download application from play store, so hopefully you might have one already sign in on your device.

Just like iOS your password is tied to your logged in Google Mail account with that also you can track you mobile device when stolen or wipe the device. Changing android forgotten password requires that the users should sign in with the Gmail account on PC and perform the following steps:

Open Android Device Manager web page

From the left top side of your browser click on

Click on “Lock” option and enter your preferred password.

Note: For your password to change immediately data most be on or wifi connected.

Do not click on the erase option except your phone was stolen and you want to wipe the data.

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