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Cat trackers are available from Tile

One of Tile’s sticker trackers and a new collar attachment are both included in the company’s new cat tracking bundle, which is available for purchase. The set is intended to keep an eye on your tabby (or other purring furry) so you can be sure it is still within the house and hasn’t made another escape to your neighbor’s house.

A cat collar addition that carries an existing tracker isn’t really novel, but it is a little more elegant than the company’s prior key chain-dangling tracker solution. The Sticker Tracker from Tile can be seen from a distance of 250 feet and has a three-year built-in battery.

The Tile for Cats accessory still has a large overall appearance, and the silicone substance of the collar attachment can be an irritation for fur-loving cats. If you already possess a Tile Sticker, you can’t purchase the collar attachment individually; however, there are third-party accessory producers that produce comparable cat and dog collar attachments for a tracker you might already own.

Given that the tracker alone generally costs $30, Tile for Cats isn’t a terrible price at $40. It is available in both black and white. It’s a fine alternative for individuals who don’t want to purchase Apple’s AirTag trackers, but it’s difficult to compete with the more upscale collar alternatives available in that ecosystem. Instead, you may purchase whatever tracker you choose and construct your own collar holder.

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