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How to Set Facebook Temporary Profile Picture

The leading social networking website and owner of the must have Whatsapp and Instagram application to people who wants to stay connected with theirs friends and family online are always keen to come up with new features to make sure the people who they serve, as in users of their mobile and web application get best experience that they can.

One of the recent improved feature/setting is that which allows user to upload a temporary profile picture. For many reasons you too might want to put up a temporary profile picture either to mark an event, to celebrate your birthday or a friend birthday or your are just testing to see if your friends would like it as your profile picture.

Once setup as temporary profile picture, users who upload them can adjust their duration or even set it to never expire if they want.

Here is how to set Facebook temporary profile picture from iPhone/Android:

  • Log in to your Facebook application and go to your profile.
  • Tap your profile picture and press the “Upload Photo” option.
  • Pick from your photos a picture you want as temporary picture.
  • Next, tap on “make temporary” and set the duration you want is to last as your profile picture.
  • Resize it if you want to by using the crop option and then post it online.

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