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How to Stop Unwanted Promo SMS and Calls from MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile

For someone out there, she was about to say I do, to another your contract was about to be signed, probably yours was you were about to buy a Lamborghini, either way, its 2am and you are having a sweet sleep and everything was working in your favour in the dream world until that call/SMS came in.

No doubt, communication plays a major role in our day to day lives. It’s easier to dial or text that client, customer, friend, family or “your connection” as we call them. But we don’t expect the same from our service providers who we pay to when we top up airtime.

For this reason, Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) are working round the clock to ensure that users of any network in Nigeria get the best experience they deserve. Service free from promotional offers and irrelevant notification or phone calls from the networks.

Now let us talk about what you can do because at the point geeks like myself can’t help you stop unsolicited SMS and phone calls. Most times we expose our mobile number to spammers without even knowing. For instance: adding your number on a website without the right privacy protection.


Here is how to stop unsolicited calls and SMS:

  • Put your privacy settings right in all your accounts online in such a way that your mobile number is not exposed or remove them completely. But first of all, to know which site has number exposed use Google search with your number as a keyword.
  • Opt out irrelevant services: to do this if SMS you receive doesn’t come with text option on how to unsubscribe. Then, you will need to call the customer service of your network asks how to opt out that service.

Direct opt out for:

Glo promo text, send STOP to 2442.

MTN send STOP to 33111.

Etisalat send STOP to 2442

Airtel call 111 and tell them the service you want to discontinue.

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