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#4: The Shortcuts of Making Money Online

Perhaps your experience have thought you that shortcut to success doesn’t exist. We see those who take shortcuts to achieve success and financial freedom as people going the extra mile in a bad direction and sometimes tag them with the usual phrase Yahoo-Yahoo or whichever name you are familiar with. Well, you might be wrong to a certain extent since so many of them who know the shortcuts here are making the money legitimately because even the shortcut is not a shortcut as you would imagine.

Nothing amaze and motivate me more than the fact that no matter how much some people steal to amass wealth they still can’t be as rich as those making the money legitimately. They can never be as rich as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and other world-leading billionaires.

I try to make things easy for you to remember by using some of the windows shortcut keys you might be familiar with in explaining what you need to do in discovering your own Goldmine that will pay even while you sleep. However, if you feel you are familiar with how these shortcuts work you can skip to the next chapter.

i.                   Ctrl-A: Highlight the opportunities around you online and offline

It is all about solving problems for people with the product you bring to the table or the services you render. Yes, that is what the four, five or seven years you spent in a tertiary institution is all about; all the sleepless nights are for you to be able to solve other people’s problem as your career. Probably it would be better if kids in schools are asked what problem they would love to solve instead of what they would like to become in future because some seem to have warped viewpoint of that questions thinking it’s all about getting a job or making all the notes and coins on earth… Read more

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