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#5: The Shortcuts of Making Money Online

Funny how people still after graduating from college are scared of being their own boss. Yes, that is exactly what it is to me when I hear them say there is no job. There are opportunities everywhere all you need is an eye to recognize them. The world population is over seven billion right now and I can boldly tell you everyone on earth have needs and are looking for people who would make those problems theirs.

Where to start from in identifying people’s needs?

Start with yourself. Yes, that’s right. Now, ask yourself what is the first three things you lay my hands on when you wake up every day? What are the top ten things you can’t do without every day? Find the answer to those questions and you will be on your way up.

If you have a toothbrush as one of those, think first, people sell toothbrushes around me. But not all of them sell battery controlled toothbrushes kids and most adults love to use. Chances are you have not used it before yourself. Remember, over seven billion people need to brush their teeth every day. You can buy these brushes online and sell them online or offline if you want to or the other way rou… Read more

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